Literary writers in Mianwali [Qamar-ul-Hassan]

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Literary writers in Mianwali can be counted on their fingers. People are writing on different genres, but the genre of travelogue is the way Qamar-ul-Hassan Bharonzada has written it in a legendary manner. He is his own example. When I read the travelogue Wadi Sonwala, it seemed to me that I was reading it to an elderly and experienced tourist. His style of writing is such that one reads his travelogues in one sitting.
When he started with Musa Khel's palao in a fiction, the reader was fascinated by it till the end and when he was riding his bike in the hills of Son Valley, like every human being, he had a romantic coat in his heart. He mentioned a couple in such a way that it seemed as if I was there too and when Qamar grabbed Qari's finger and took him on a tour of the old and historic fortress of Mankirah, I thought I would watch a documentary. And when he remembers his old town Ding and Khule and writes lamentations when he sees his ancestral village on the river bank, the reader feels that it has been written for me. See the post on the book. She is a masterpiece.

When I read Qamar-ul-Hassan's travelogues and other informative posts, I longed to meet him.
When Dr. Hanif Khan Niazi inaugurated the Dental Zone in Mianwali, all the scholars and literary personalities of Mianwali were present there. I first met Qamar there and I told him that I like your writings. I am mature. Romance - Scholarship. It is full of history and culture and in this youth so many young people write scholarly writings. In the same program, I had advised Qamar-ul-Hassan to continue his studies so that there would be diversity and uniformity in writing. Qamar-ul-Hassan promised. I was going to study.
Today I spent this day with Qamarul Hassan Bharronzada in the historical town of Mianwali, Khanqah-e-Sarajia. I visited the town. I paid a study visit to the monastery. ۔
Famous writer and columnist Syed Sadiq Shah, journalist and columnist Zulfiqar Khan and Javed Baloch were also present.
Qamar-ul-Hassan Bharonzada gave us his precious time with great hospitality of all of us. We will continue to meet now, God willing. credit goes to mati ullah sab mujhid his team


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