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Asalam o alaikum

How are you? I hope all my friends from Steam It will be well and very good. I am also fine by the grace of Allah Almighty. Today, as usual, I am sharing my day with you friends




Morning activities

When I woke up this morning, I took a shower and after taking a bath I had breakfast and then after a while I got ready to go to the shop. After that Faizan and I both went to the shop. Opened and we sat down
When I was busy with my work, some of my acquaintances came to me. They had taken a mobile phone from me two days ago and they did not like that mobile phone. They came to me and exchanged the first mobile and then they chose another mobile and they took the mobile







Lunch 🍱

Then a friend of mine came to me and we sat together and chatted for a long time and when my friend left it was time for lunch so we went to have lunch we had lunch And then when I came back to the shop, I sat at the shop for a while and then I went to my friend for a while and sat there. And when I came back, a shopkeeper from Bannu came to me who had come to the Rabi Center to get a mobile. He came to me. He liked two mobiles at my shop and then I made a deal. He gave me money and left


Back to sweet home

After that I stayed at the shop till evening and then closed the shop and we left for home. When we reached home I rested for a while and then the evening dinner was ready so I eat dinner. And went to friends house Later I made a post.

Special Thanks For Sporting:


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Walekum salam
Dear brother your dariy report is so amazing I appreciate your dailyactivities posting continue it


Thanku so much dear brother

Shehzad sahib your post is always late but still wait for your post because the comment has to be done


Thanks brother Thanku so much stay blessed

بھائی جان آپ نے بہت زبردست فوٹو گرافی کی ہے


Thanks 😊

nice photography brother

Zabardast photography best wishes for you bhai


Thanks ☺️

Excellent shop photography and nice post.i appreciate your diary.


Thanks dear

Nice post and beautiful photography very good brother


Thanks brother

God willing, you have taken very good pictures of children


Thanks 😊

Mashalllah bhai achi tasverrain banai hy or achi diary likhe hy


Thanks brother