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Asalam o alaikum

Hello to all friends from Shehzad Gul Khan. How are you? I hope all the friends will be well and very good and I hope that all my Muslim brothers will have a great day like me.



Morning time

When my friends woke up this morning, I took a bath and after taking a bath I had breakfast and then rested for a while and then I went to the shop. When I reached the shop, a man from my area was waiting for me. I had to sell and buy a mobile so he was already there. I saw his mobile so there was a problem. I didn't take that mobile from him so he went somewhere else to sell. My friends came to me.


Shop time

He had a new mobile and now he had to sell it, so he came to me. I bought the mobile from him and then we sat together and drank tea and chatted for a long time. After that he left and the old man returned. So he sold the mobile somewhere and then he came to me to get the mobile so I gave him a mobile so he liked it and he took the mobile and then he left and then I sat in the shop for a long time. after this



Lunch 🍱

It was lunch time so we went to eat. We all ate lunch at a nearby hotel and after dinner we all went to drink juice. We drank mango juice from a nearby shop and When we came back to the shop after drinking juice, after sitting at the shop for a while, I went to my friend's shop and sat with my friend for a long time.

gossip with class fellow

And then when I came back, a classmate of mine and a friend of his came to me. They wanted to get a mobile. I showed them a lot of mobiles and they liked a mobile. So they took that mobile and then we After a long gossip, they left




And then when we closed the shop we went to the bazaar from there I had to get my nephew's school uniform so we went to the bazaar from there I took my nephew's school uniform and then we went back home After a while, I ate and after eating, I made a post

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Zabardast photography


Thanks brother

Natural photography and nice post.i liked your post and photography.


Thanks for appreciating

Very nice 👍 post 👍 and I like your post.


Dear brother thanks 😊

آپ کی ڈائری رپورٹ اور فوٹوگرافی ماشاءاللہ بڑی زبردست ہے

شہزاد بھاٸی آپ نے کتوں کے بہت اچھے فوٹو بناۓ ہیں اور پوسٹ بھی زبردست لکھی ہے


Shukria brother

Nice photography brother

Much better post and photography is very well thanks for sharing


Thanks brother

زبردست پوسٹ ہے بھاٸی

آپ کی ہر پوسٹ قابلِ تعریف ہے آپ بہت اچھا کام کر رہے ہیں


Shukria brother

Apki post bht achi Hy bht pasnd ae good


Thanks ☺️

God willing, you have written a very good diary

your dairy is very sweet your photography is very good you are working very hard


Thanks brother


Thanks 🙏