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Asalam o alaikum

Greetings from Shahzad Gul Khan to all the friends. How are you all? How are all the friends? I hope all the friends will be well and will be very good. I am also fine by the grace of Allah Almighty and I hope that All my Muslim brothers must have had a great day like me


Morning activities

I woke up early this morning I had breakfast and then I went to my friends my friends were watering their millet crop so I went to them we stayed together for a long time.




went to relatives home

After that one of my relatives was not feeling well so I went to check on him. I sat there for a while and I drank juice there. After that I got permission from my relative and I went home.


When I got home I ate and after eating I fell asleep. When I woke up, my friend was on a mission to harvest mangoes, so I went to my friend to help him.




Evening time

When we got there we made a big cooler of sweet syrup for ourselves. Then there was a house nearby which was deserted and no one lived in it so we went there and took photographs there.After that we started collecting mangoes and when we finished the work and we left for home, our motorbike ran out of petrol, we poured petrol and then we returned home. When I got home I had dinner and after dinner I went to my friends for gossip and then I prepared the post.

Special Thanks For Sporting:


country Representative Pakistan



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Walekum salam
Dear brother your posting is so beautiful and your photography is so beautiful I appreciate it


Thanks brother

ماشاءاللہ بہت زبردست فوٹو گرافی کی ہے جو کہ مجھے بے حد پسند آئی


Shukria jnab

شہزاد بھاٸی آپ نے بہت خوبصورت فوٹوگرافی کی ہے اور پوسٹ بھی اچھی لکھی ہے


Bht shukria bhae

Amazing photography of village life.i appreciate your camera work.


Thanks 😊

Writing beautiful diary with gorgeous pictures really amazing

God willing, you have written a very good diary


Thanks dear

Mashalllah bhai ap ki daily report kafi achi hy or achi tasverrain banai hy