@steemchallenge is growing rapidly and reached 1200+ Subscribers and 100 Active members and due to more people joining the community the duties also got though for me to handle and that is why @steemchallenge is appointing new moderator, for the sake of betterment of the community and to lead a helping hand towards the community members. The new Moderator will Join the other moderators @jessica566 and @jlufer and will work together for the betterment of the Community.


Responsibilities Of New Moderator

• It will warmly welcome the participants of the competition and if they have any confusion according the competitions Moderator will guide them Accordingly..

• Help new members prepare quality Content in this community.

• Check and report any kind of plagiarism and Cross posting.

• It will help me as the founder of this community.

• Manage Contests in this Community.

• It will be a guide for newcomers.


If anyone in the community has any problem or confusion according to the contest or about how to post in @steemchallenge community they are free to contact all the moderators @jlufer @jessica566 and @janemorane through DISCORD SERVER.

@steemchallenge Team

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welcome @janemorane
hope you will play vital role to develop the community ,
best of luck


That's really an honor for me and I will try my best to bring the community to top with help of you sir and its hardworking members..
Thank you so much!

Honourable medam congratulations on your this achievement.. and we'll come to the community. Hope you will play vital role for the development of this community.


I will try to lend a helping hand towards all the new and dedicated members of the community!
Thanks a lot.

Welcome dear @janemorane and congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 dear
Congratulations on being an


on the steem Challenge
My good wishes for you I hope you are best looking on STEEMChallenge


Thank you so Much for your warm welcome and your best wishes..



Thank you !

Congratulation for the new role , best wishes


Thank you!


you so many times helping people in I think this community is very lucky to have you as our moderators and Inshallah you will do great

Be original be fair and make this community great



Hello there!
Getting such big role is very much great but also you get the responsibilities which are hard to complete and I will be fair and support each and every person In shaAllah.
I will never misuse any authority I get..
Thank you!

congratulations to you
you have been working so hard for so much time and you will deserve moderator ship and I know that without you this community can not go that far
I can see so many new people are coming to this community and you you can teach them very well I know that you are a great teacher in real life and you will be great teacher over here too
congratulations again be good



Ohh that’s really too much for me and I am not perfect but I will try to manage each and everything in this community with great care it’s such a big responsibility and with support of you guys I will complete my duties in sha Allah ❤️

congratulations @janemorane from the bottom of my heart. Without any doubt, you have the potential to lead the community under your guidance and I believe that you'll do this responsibility very well.

Lots of love and more power to you girl. ❤️️

May you have so much success over here on steemit and besides this in your life too


Ohh love that’s so sweet of you dear and this is all because of the dedication to this platform.
Thank you so much for your appreciation and I am so glad to you and your sweet words means a lot to me on this happiest day of mine ❤️❤️

We welcome you and look forward to improving this community

Congratulation on this commounty wellcome

Congratulations @janemorane
Hopefully, your addition will bring more support to the community.


Thank you so much..
In Sha Allah I will try my best..

Welcome Dear @janemorane
Congratulations 🎉 for big achievement
Hope you will best for community and hope you working hard for poor people's and future of steem challenge community, best wishes love You @yousafharoonkhan 💕


Thank you dear for appreciation and in sha Allah i will try to fulfill all my duties..

congratulation.and wellcome in steemit challenge community best wishes for you medom


Thank you so much for your kind words!

Hello dear friend @janemorane good afternoon
Congratulations on this appointment.
Welcome, may the success of your duties accompany you at all times.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon


Thank you so much dear friend!
I am so happy to become the part of this lovely community and with your support I will give my best to this community..
Stay bless and thanks a lot <3

Welcome madam and congratulations to you for being the moderator of this community. I hope you will further develop this community.

Madam, congratulations to you very much. May Allah give you more happiness and progress. My best wishes are with you


Thank you dear for your kind words!! ❤️

welcome @janemorane
congratulation for getting u a vital role on this platform
best of luck


Thank you so much!
Stay blessed

Congratulations @janemorane , Glad to see you as a moderator
Best of luck for your future journey


Thank you so much dear friend!

Welcome @janemorane congregation 💗💗💗


Thanks 😊