#SPUD4STEEM JULY - First Participation | Powering up 1500 Steem - Steem Challenge Official



Hello Everyone!!

Today we are very happy to announce that we are going to participate in the July #SPUD4STEEM and this is one of the first achievement of our community and a first step to become stronger together.Let's make the beginning of the month a great memory for all of us, Let's PowerUp!!

The prize pool for the contest #SPUD4STEEM has been increased and there are now more chances to win and win a great prize in the form of delegations.


Here is my participation for the July #SPUD4STEEM

image.pngScreenshot before powerup.

Total of 531 SP is available in the wallet. Now We will Powerup 1500 Steem and here we go!!


image.pngWallet screenshot after powerup, Now we have total of 2031 SP in the wallet after doing powerup 1500.

Special Mention To All The Respected Sponsors Of #spud4steem @xpilar @steem.history @hingsten @bippe @kiwi-crypto @steem-supporter @steemchiller @kiwiscanfly @randulakoralage @adeljose @mariana4ve @abuahmad @alejos7ven @fjjrg @damithudaya

I hope that our entry to the contest will be accepted, and I will try my best to powerup more the next #SPUD4STEEM but we are happy to be a part of it. Thanks a lot @kiwiscanfly for this amazing contest and I hope to be accepted. Also as a promise to @steemcurator01 we have powerup all the liquid Steem and finally have 2000+ SteemPower in our wallet.

Inviting all the Community members to Powerup and be a part of this amazing powerup contest.

Best Regards
@steemchallenge Community official

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Most awaited and proud moment for whole Steem Challenge community, this is because of the contribution of the community members who make this possible..
Congratulations on the first participation in #SPUD4STEEM

1500SP!!! That's a great power up!! Best of luck to be in the first 5!!!


Hope to be in the first 5, Thank you so much for your motivation!

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 dear to I am so so happy good luck steemchallenge community

My congratulations to the Steem Challenge community for powering up 1500 sp

Wow Congratulation @janemorane
It is a lovely moment for us that the steem challenge community has made its first entry into the program and we, all community members, will have more power ups next month in August. steem on #SPUD4STEEM

Congratulation best of luck steemchallenge community

Un gran paso y un excelente encendido, estoy segura que obtendran una buena posición, mucha suerte y exitos para fortalecer la comunidad.

Congratulations💓💓💓Congratulations to all the members of the Steam Challenge

Congratulations challenge community and all challeng community members👍

Congratulation steem challenge for the powering up .good luck

Congratulations steemchallenge community and all members

congratulation to all the members of the steem challenge for the powering up.best of luck

Congratulations happiest day for all community bhut mumbrk ho sub ku

Many many congratulations to all steemchallenge community members.

stay blessed you all

Felicidades. Un gran encendido

  ·  작년

Wow great

Congratulation to the steemchallenge community and all members

Congratulations to all #steemchallenge members. Its proud moment for all of us.