It's good to see their joy

7개월 전

Today is Friday, a very important day for me because Friday is our weekend.Since I am a working man, this day is very important to me because I don't have much work to do on this day, I can spend time on my own.You know very well that I love nature and the biodiversity of nature because those who read my story already understand it very well.

Basically these days I stay at home and spend time with family and try to do the housework.I have some birds in my house and I nurture them with my wife because we like to nurture them.Honestly, these birds like to stay in cages, they are like caged birds.
Anyway now let’s get to the main point.When I bought this bird a few days ago, I could only buy one bird from the store because there was a bird in the store and the bird was very beautiful to look at and full from all sides.When I bought it and arranged for her to stay in my house fairly well and I took care of her properly but still she had a shortcoming somewhere and couldn't adjust what else.In fact, according to the laws of nature, no one can be alone. In his case, it was like that, in fact, she needed a partner, but I was looking for her partner in a very difficult way and I understood the problem.I keep telling the shopkeeper that this bird is actually called me again and I want to buy another bird.
I got a call on my phone in the afternoon while I was in the office yesterday. The bird shopkeeper told me that the bird had come to him. I finally bought the bird when I came back from the office and last night I tried to keep the bird in the cage.However, I didn't spend much time with them last night, but today I was surprised when I visited them during the day because the previous bird has become very calm and they are having a good time and seeing this moment I feel so good I really feel so good to myself .20200704_12095701.jpeg

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