Seeing some pictures reminds me of the past

7개월 전

About a couple of years ago, I went for a walk in the mountains.Although I don't get much time due to busyness, I try to use the time when I have time.Some pictures will lighten your mind in a moment, remind you of your past and take you back to the old days that you left behind.I am going to write again in this community after a long week. I hope that the readers who are there will definitely like my story and I have made this story with the readers in mind.

A friend of mine, a military officer, used to go to the hill country at his invitation to see the beauty of the mountain area.His destination was far away from my house.At that time I didn't have much work pressure which is why I went to see his work area at the invitation of a friend.After a long 17 hour journey I reached his workplace.When I got off the bus, I got down and saw one of his military vehicles. Seeing the vehicle, I felt a little flustered because I was a civilian and I felt more honored to be in the army vehicle.
After a long bus journey, when I was in a small car, I felt a little refreshed inside because the environment was so beautiful and the car was going through a hilly winding road. Finally, after half an hour, I reached my friend.My friend is quite happy to see me because the two of us met after a long time.
I still remember I was in his area for about seven days and he showed me the beautiful places and I was very impressed.The most interesting thing is that my friend has been very interested in pigeon rearing since childhood .I am amazed that he has built a small cage in his workplace where he keeps his pigeons and takes care of them.A very amateur man, my friend takes great care of the pigeons and his pigeons are so beautiful that it makes me feel really good.My friend is so vulnerable to petting pigeons that he has brought his pigeons to his own workplace and takes great care of them.And when I hurriedly saw the pictures of his pigeons in the gallery, I remembered the days when it was really good. There was no unrest in the world.I still talk to my friend. I told him, peace in the world will return to visit your workplace area again.

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