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Breeding birds has been my habit since childhood and I am still trying to keep this hobby alive.Those who read my story may have understood this very well but I always try to give them good time but yes it is true since I am a working man so I don't have much time on my hands even on Fridays of the week This day is very important to me because it is closed on our weekends so I try to be more caring for my hobby birds on this day.

I have a lot of different kinds of birds, basically these birds grow up in cages and they feel more comfortable in a cage because these birds are a little fancy.Since petting is one of my hobbies, I always try to take good care of them and I try to take good care of their food and other things.
I bought this bird a few days ago and now I am trying to take good care of it at home again and I am always looking for it.The skin color of this bird is light gray and it is very different from other birds in that it has a unique beauty.At first I kept him in a small cage then now I am slowly getting into the habit of keeping him in a big cage and helping him to mix with other birds so that a cordial relationship is formed between them.
Since this bird is very new and at first it was a little difficult, I was trying to take good care of him, now he is getting used to being there day by day and he is fine from all sides.For the time being I could not give much time to the other birds because I spent all my time behind this bird and tried to keep everything well and at the end of the day I am quite happy because he is safe now.20200910_12155101.jpeg

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