Nutrition in plant

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Plants need nutrients to support healthy leaves, foliage and flowers. I explain the basic methods for caring for your plants.

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Plants can create food on their own, capturing energy from sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar.

However, in order to stay healthy and give flowers and fruits, they absorb additional nutrients from the soil or compost, so it is important to supplement them with additional fertilizers.

The most important nutrients that plants need are nitrogen (N) for leaf and stem growth, phosphorus (P) for root growth and potassium (K) for flowers and fruits and to maintain healthy growth. Rotten horse and manure contain many nutrients. It can be added before planting or used as a surface coating around existing plants.

Adding compost pellets at the bottom of the holes to plant new plants promotes root formation and growth in the first season. The balanced grain fertilizer can be used on all spring plants, especially in pots. Place it at the foot of the plants for the price recommended on the packaging. Avoid grains on the stems and soft stems, as they can burn.

Slow-release pellets or granules can be mixed with compost in containers when planting a summer substrate to provide nutrients throughout the growing season. The compound is also available to be mixed with water for liquid application. Concentrates and liquid nutrients are also available. It works quickly because the plant's roots can absorb the nutrients dissolved in the water. In other for all plants to grow well and live healthy life,they must have access to the nutrients that can make them grow fast.

When the plants lack certain nutrients it can be known from the physical appearance if such plant,so it is important to avoid any form of malnutrition in plant also and not only in animals. As this nutrients are necessary for the growth of plants it can also cause their death when it is in excess.

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