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Pushing the Rock

Patience is one of the ways to success. Regardless of the circumstances, as long as the person does not lose his patience, courage and self-confidence, he will achieve success. Being patient is hard work. However, when we look around us, we will see how patient people who are successful in really big businesses show. Patience is the test of success. It is in our hands to be successful in this exam. Here I leave you with a story that is suitable for this exam.

A poor young man was sleeping in his hut at night when, between sleep and wakefulness, his room was filled with light. A voice from the unknown said to him:

“From now on, you will work for Allah and push the big rock in front of the hut with all your strength!”
Believing that this was an order from God, the poor young man started pushing the rock the next morning. Just the next day, and the following weeks… He pushed the stone from sunrise to sunset. During the months of struggle, the rock did not even move from its place. The man thought his day was wasted as he returned tiredly to his night hut.
Feeling that his enthusiasm was broken, the devil began to whisper in his heart: "How long have you been pushing this rock, it has not moved an inch. Why are you hurting yourself for this? It is not possible for you to move it anyway, etc.” Thus, he tried to instill in the young person the feeling that it was impossible to fulfill the task, and therefore that he had failed.
Such thoughts further discouraged her, and she gradually lost hope. “True, why am I tearing myself apart for this job?” he said to himself. “From now on, I'll expend a little strength. This is more than enough. Since the big boulder won't budge.”
And he informed God of his decision in his prayer.
“My God, for a long time I acted as You said, without rest without rest. I did what you asked with all my might. I get tired every day, but I can't move the rock an inch. Why so? Why can't I do it?"

An unseen voice answered with compassion: “O my servant, when I asked you to obey my order a long time ago, you accepted. I told you your job was to push the rock with all your might, and you did. I never said I expected you to move it! Your job was to push him. Now you say that you are out of strength, that you have failed. Let's take a look at yourself. Your arms got stronger, your biceps got bigger. Your back has become weight-bearing. Your legs have thickened and become stronger. You are much stronger now than when you started pushing the stone. Yeah, you couldn't move the rock. But what was asked of you was to obey the order and simply push it away. It was I who was going to move the rock.” Realizing his mistake, the young man fulfilled the task given the next day, thinking that his task was not to move the rock, but to push it with all his might. On the second day, after the third day, the rock suddenly moved. Then he realized that it was God, not him, who had moved the rock. When he tried a little harder, the rock played a little more and rolled over to the side. There was a treasure large enough to last him a lifetime.


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Mi saludo!! Buena esa historia e interesante, la gran pasiecia y la confianza en si mismo 🙏😁gracias por tu publicación. Exito