The Story of the Shepherd in Love

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Once upon a time there was a shepherd. He was a modest, young shepherd who did his job properly and was content with what he ate. One day, when he went down to the city, while the royal family was parading, he stood by the side of the road like everyone else and looked respectfully at the passers-by. Just then, he saw the Sovereign's daughter, albeit for a very brief moment. The young shepherd couldn't understand what had happened, and for that brief moment he was struck by the beauty he saw. He said, 'O my Lord, what a beauty is this'...

The young shepherd fell in love with the girl. And what love. He doesn't know what to do, he can't get her out of his mind. He had only seen her for a moment. Over time, the young shepherd was cut off without eating or drinking, and he could not do his job properly. Those around him noticed, too. Maybe they waited for a while, but the condition of the shepherd got worse day by day. The shepherd was a simple man, living in a small place, and dealing with few people. Seeing such a beauty for the first time in his life in a different place, he did not know what to do. For this reason, he could not speak to his heart. Like us; Even though we say that we have a routine life, if we see something different for the first time in our life, we will be mad as well.

When the shepherd continued for days in this state, without eating or drinking, those around him wanted to find a cure for his problem. When those who came and looked could not find a solution, someone said, "Go and there is an old person in some place, he is a doctor, he is wise, maybe he will find a cure for his problem." Them; He goes to the old man so that the shepherd calms down and the shepherd finds a cure for his love. After the old man listens to his problem, he thinks a little and says to the young man, "If you do exactly what I say, maybe you will meet that girl". Even though the shepherd knows that it is inaccessible, when he hears the hope of meeting the girl, he immediately agrees: "I will do whatever you want, as long as I can see it one more time". The old man says to the young man: "Find yourself a cave, and for forty days without leaving, you will say 'Allah', no matter who comes, no matter what they ask. No other word will come out of your mouth." The young Shepherd is stunned. He thinks a little. The old man says to him, "Go to your cave. Be patient for forty days."

The lad thinks for a while and agrees. And after getting a small amount of food, he takes refuge in a cave. He is hesitant, but at least he says I am doing something, if there is even a chance in this business, he says enough for me and calmly starts saying Allah. A day or two later, someone passing by sees the Shepherd and greets him. The shepherd receives his greeting by saying 'Allah'. "Who are you?" she asks, the shepherd says, "Allah". The man says "what are you doing here" and gets the same answer again. The man thinks that the shepherd is crazy and leaves. The shepherd begins to think that this is ridiculous, but still decides to stop.

Days pass and the number of people who stop by the cave increases, and they start to think that they are crazy when they have the same conversation with the shepherd every time they come. They start talking because there is a crazy man in the cave every time he returns and he answers everything as Allah. Thus the Days flow. Hearings from the surrounding villages also increase. Some say there is a madman, and others say that nothing comes out of his mouth except Allah, obviously he is a saint. Even though the shepherd gets a little more bored with each passing day, he says he will still be a little more patient and continues to chant Allah. Rumors continue to spread, the Shepherd keeps saying Allah.

Rumors began to reach the city. Now everyone in the city has started to talk. Those who are curious continue to go and test the Shepherd. The fortieth day is approaching. Rumors have started to be spoken in the Sovereign's palace, and when the people of the palace are curious about such different things, they want to see it. Sovereign, Vizier; He orders him to go and deal with the issue, to deal with whatever the shepherd's problem is, and not to be busy with the people. The vizier goes to where the shepherd is, but no matter how hard he tries, he does not give up.

It has been the fortieth day now, this issue has been talked about in everyone's language. When the ruler was uncomfortable with this situation, he made the preparations, and took his family, who were curious to see this issue, and set out. Those who heard that the Sovereign was leaving were curious and hung behind him. The ruler and the people came in front of the cave, and the old man, who knew that the fortieth day had come, also came.

The ruler asked the young and distraught Shepherd: "What are you doing, you're on everyone's lips, are you crazy, are you Veli? Stop this now".

The young man says "God". The monarch offers some gold, the answer is still the same. It increases the amount but the answer is still the same. The monarch thinks a little. People are surprised that the Shepherd does not accept his money offer. The people are excited that a young shepherd receives such an offer. But the Shepherd looks at the Sovereign and says: "Allah".

The Old Man approaches the Sovereign and tells him the situation. He tells that this young man is in love with his daughter, that's why he's here. The ruler thinks a little, concludes that the young man is a well-intentioned person and accepts it. He says "OK", "you are in love with my daughter, you are a good and willed person, I accept and give my daughter to you". Everyone rejoices. The old man is also happy that the Shepherd is getting what he wants.

Shepherd; After looking up at this offer and looking at a Sovereign, a daughter, and an Old Person, he shakes his head from side to side and says "GOD". Everyone is surprised. The old man immediately says, "What are you doing, isn't that what you wanted?"

Shepherd, "O Old Man, don't you know that if a person says only Allah for forty days, there will be nothing but Allah in his heart. I said Allah because I love the Sovereign's daughter, Allah brought the Sovereign to my feet. If I love Allah, If I had said "God", what would God have brought to my feet?" he says and walks away.


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