The Wheel That Always Turns

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Giving up is not the best solution to solve a problem. Sometimes the feeling of despair comes over, whispering words of surrender and ending it all. However, the struggle that we have been doing will be in vain if we stop in the middle of the road. The heart is still beating, the breath is still pressed, it indicates we are still able to continue this life.

Life still has a myriad of unsolved mysteries. The mystery is still a secret and we don't know when we will know. Life in the world is full of mysteries and we will not know the fate of each of us. The most important thing when you are in the highest position right now with all the abundant material wealth is to stay humble.

What do we get tomorrow, what do we realize today, will the next day we still get the same results as yesterday? Or not even get it at all. In addition, there are also those who have tried hard but have not gotten the appropriate results. Everything is still the enigma of this life.

Like a spinning wheel, that's life.
A wheel that always turns, a wheel that always moves wherever it is carried. Nothing is above forever, nothing is below forever. If the wheel turns, the top position can go down quickly, while the bottom position can quickly go up.

This is life like a spinning wheel. Cruel and tragic if you are above but act arbitrarily against those below, even though he is above not forever. It could be that he went down immediately, a few days later, or came down on his own because of his actions. While those below can rise to the top quickly, or take a few days later. It all depends on what we do.

Like a Spinning Wheel, the wheel of life is full of things we cannot determine. We do not know the wheel of life is either today or tomorrow or even the future. Let us not feel arrogant and arrogant with all the material wealth that we have today. Because it may be that when we feel arrogant and arrogant with the material wealth we have, the next day we fall into a slumped condition. never look down on people who are less able or those who are in limited financial condition. Because it could be those who we despise the next day they will become successful people thanks to their persistence and hard work.

Always be grateful for everything we have now. Do good to others, diligently help one another. Give alms to those in need. Wealth will not decrease due to charity.

Keep the spirit of living this life all.
Good luck to all.

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