How Can I Boost My Self-confidence?prested by Unique Ihrieroma @nikkyfresh.9th June, 2021.

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When you look in the mirror,do you like what you see?
Do you feel that you have praiseworthy skills?
Are you able to stand up to peer pressure?
Can you accept valid criticism?
Can you handle unfair remarks others make about you?
Do you feel loved?
Do you take good care of your health?
Are you happy for others when they succeed?
Do you generally view yourself as successful?
If you answered no to several of the above questions,it may be that low self-confidence has taken over your strengths.
Most youths struggle with uncertainty about their appearance and their ability, as well as how they measure up to other of company!!
"My imperfections cause me to feel down.Usually, I am my own worst critic."---ken
"No matter how pretty or handsome you are, you always come across others who are better -looking."Sammy.
"I get very self-conscious around others.I'm scared that I will look like a loser."Joel.
If you identify with the above statement, don't despair.
Consider this three confidence boosters that will help you to see yourself in more positive light.
1.Give of Yourself.
2.Make Friends,(True Friends).
3.Bounce Back From Your Mistakes.
1.Give of Yourself:it means when you help others, you yourself.How? "Generosity will be rewarded.""Give a cup of water, and you will receive a cup of water in return."one wise proverb say.So think of what you can do for others and try to fill a need for someone.
There is no denying it-your sense of well-being soars when you help others!
2.Make Friends:it's simple means a true friend can be a tremendous support during times of adversity!So draw close to those who have a position influence on you .But Caution,Make sure your friends bring out the real you.
3.bounce Back Your Mistakes:it means there no getting around it-you imperfect.That means there will be times when you will say or even do the wrong thing.While you can't avoid making Mistakes, you can control how you control how you react to them.

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