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Hello @adaobi,

Thank you for participating in Steemit Crypto Academy season 4 week 6.

Q1 content0.9/1
Q2 content1.1/1.5
Q3 content1/1
Q4 content0.9/1
Q5 content1.9/2.5
Quality of Analysis0.7/1
Post Presentation0.7/1

Homework task: 7.9


You have defined the concept of Market Making in your own words

In the 2nd question, you've explained the psychology behind Market Maker.

In the 3rd question, you've explained the benefits of the Market Maker Concept.

In the 4th question, you've explained the disadvantages of the Market Maker Concept.

In the 5th question, you've tried to explain two indicators that are used in the Market Maker Concept and you've explored them through charts. Actually, I expected a bit more explanation in this question. However, good effort.

As a summary, you have tried to explain all the topics in your effort. Some of your explanations were a bit shallow. Specially, you have to improve the quality of your presentation using markdown styles. I invite you to avoid all these mistakes in the next class.

my art.png


All noted, thank you very much