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It is so nice to be a part of the season four of Steem Crypto Academy. All thanks to the organizers and the Steemit team and all the professors. Thank you professor @imagen for this lesson. Now, to my homework...


Advantages of NFTs Games

There are several advantages of Nft games compared to other gaming activities we know of. The first of them is;

1. Gaming Rewards: Nft games provide the opportunity for people to play some digital games and get rewarded with real value for the games they have played. Comparing this with the traditional gaming system, rewards can only be viewed and in most cases, those rewards doesn't have value and gets resetted once the gamer leaves the game.

2. Ownership and control of Items: Nft games also allow users to get an asset or item with a unique identity that cannot be replaced or lost, but is pegged to the player's account such that they have access to them and are in control of those items. In a traditional gaming system, once the provider shuts down, all rewards are gone.

3. Ownership Transfer: Items claimed from playing Nft games can be transferred to another through the marketplaces and the buyer will therefore become the new owner of those collectibles.

4. Uniqueness: Nft games are so unique. Unlike the traditional gaming, Nft games enable players to operate in a decentralized system and earn collectibles cannot be duplicated. This makes it more secured.

5. Investment Opportunity: As stated above, Nft gaming is unique and this uniqueness has has created an investment opportunity where players can store their collectibles as it increase in value day by day.

Disadvantage of Nft games

1. Expensive startup: It is quite expensive to start playeing Nft games and this is not very suitable for people who do not have the capacity to do so. This is unlike the traditional gaming where there are various options to choose from depending on the player's capacity.

2. Art Theft: One of the growing concern about NFT is that hackers are always on their feet trying to make copyrights of the arts, this would be a major disadvantage as collectibles can be stolen at any point.

Five (5) Recognized Artists Whose Artworks produced NFTs

1. Fewocious:

One of the Artists I'm very pleased with is this very young artist that has made waves in the art industry. Fewocious is 18 years old and have so far sold 3,103 NFTs in total. So far, he has made $18,037,594.08 in total from his Art works.

Image source

2. Trevor Jones:

Trevor is an artist based in Scotland who have had most of the highest bid artworks. Some of his works are; SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and Genesis that made a whooping $188,888. The value of his NFT is $18,083,354.42. Jones have been in the health sector where he worked as an Artistic DOH (Director of Health).

Image source

3. Blake Kathryn:

Blake is a Los Angeles artist whose artworks have also made way into decentralized world. Blake's total artwork value is $3,690,567.59. She is another leading artist when it comes to Non-fugible token artworks.

Image source

4. HackaTao:

HackaTao is an Italian Art duo made up of Sergio Scalet and Nadia Squarci. These duo have come out together from a background of traditional art to join hands with other Nft artists to make a remark in the NFT art world. The duo have sold 1,504 NFT arts in total. The value of their total artworks have amounted $11,113,676.85.

Image source

Giant Swan:

Swan is a digital reality 3D painter. Some of his works have been displayed in Melbourne, Miami and Shanghai. He also became popular for his media and imagery NFT Arts. His artworks in total have summed up to a value of $17,536,770.67.

Image source

<h1 QUESTION 3. Mist
Mist is an NFT game formed on the basis of mist NFT game framework (MNGF). Mist game allows people to play and earn mist token which can be traded either on the in-game exchange or other external exchanges. It is an open world gaming ecosystem built on Binance smart chain.

Screenshot taken from Mist

Founders of Mist

Mist was developed by a group of anonymous developers. However, there are some known stakeholders/advisors such as Eric Su (Exnetwork Capital), Timothea Horwell (Orion Protocol), and Garlam Won. In addition to the advisors, some of their partners are Solid Group, Vendetta Capital, DuckDAO, KickPad, Solidity Finance, AU21 Capital, JUN Capital, Exnetwork Capital, X21 Digital and MANTRA DAO.
Mist was launched in the first quarter of 2021.

The objective of Mist is to create a forum for decentralized gaming that will enable people to play and earn. The primary purposes of the Mist marketplace is to allow collectibles to be exchanged both in-game and externally. Mist token also serve as a store of value.;

Features of Mist

Mist have some wonderful features such as farming, staking, demo on how to go about the game (Technical), FAQ (which display some frequently asked questions), news, game classes and characters, etc.
Also, there are five classes of play in the game namely; Enchanter, Crusader, Ranger, Witch Hunter and Shapeshifter.

Screenshot taken from Mist


The Mist universe is uniquely designed in a way that gamers will have to battle monsters using the characters stated above. to collect NFTs. The differences in character is crucial in giving players different experience with different people.

The NFTs collected can be used for different functions. It can be used as in-game item and can also be purchased. Each new player will play the default adventurer role while he is building up to become stronger and more ready for greater classes.

MIST Token

The native token of Mist is MIST. MIST has a current price of $0.08502 as at the time of writing, with a market capitalisation of $4,791,541and a fully diluted market capitalisation of $85,021,083. It's currently ranked 1215 in coin market cap.

MIST can be found in any of these exchanges; WBF Exchange, ZT, PancakeSwap (V2), AOFEX, LBank, etc.

How to Acquire MIST in PancakeSwap Using Trustwallet

Step 1: In order to acquire MIST, you have to launch your Trustwallet and click Dapps


Step 2: Enter in the search engine as in the screenshot above engine and click go. The exchange will be launched.

Step 3: Click on "Trade now" to start the process.


Step 4: Select the token you want to exchange with BNB that is MINT token. You can paste the contract address or type out the token name.



Step 5: Connect your wallet to successfully purchase your MINT token.



Non-fungible tokens have emerged and have come to stay. Gaming is more fun with the decentralized system that enable people to play and earn tokens that are of value rather than just playing without gaining anything. With NFT games, there are variety of options that one can choose from to have fun while earning. This is also another great opportunity to invest and get more return as the world is going digital every passing day. NFT games will soon be dominant in the world of games.

Thank you so much for your time!

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