Here are some keyboard shortcuts that work in all web browsers

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Today I want to share som Here are some keyboard shortcuts that work in all web browsers Web browser developers know exactly what users like to see and do when they use a browser.



In today's tune I will show you these common keyboard shortcuts that will work in all web browsers.

In the case of tabs

Ctrl + N

  • A new window will open. Ctrl + key (1-8) - will switch to a specific tab based on the number.

Ctrl + 9

  • will switch to the last tab. Ctrl + Tab - will switch to the next tab. (Ctrl + Page Up does the same thing except for Internet Explorer.) Ctrl + Shift + Tab - Switch to the previous tab. (Ctrl + Page Down does the same thing except for Internet Explorer.)

Ctrl + W, Ctrl + F4

  • Will close the current tab.

Ctrl + T

  • A new tab will open.

Ctrl + Shift + T

  • The last closed tab will reopen.

Alt + F4

  • Close the current window. (Will work for each application)

Combining mouse and keyboard.

Ctrl + Left Click

-If Press then The fowlling link will open on a new tab.

Shift + Left Click

-The link will open in a new window.

Ctrl + Shift + Left Click

  • The link will open in a new tab. (The new tab will be in the view.)

Clicking on the mouse (wheel)

  • Pressing the mouse pointer in the middle of a tab will close the tab. Navigation F5 - Refresh / Reload.

Ctrl + F5

  • It will make the browser cache clear of the current page. (Will re-load the page)

Alt + Left

  • Arrow, Backspace - will back to the previous page.

Alt + Right Arrow, Shift + Backspace

  • will forward back to the page from which it was backed up.


  • The page will stop loading.

Alt + Home

  • Go back to the homepage. (The homepage that is set in the browser.)

Zoom in and out Ctrl and +, Ctrl + Mousewheel Up - Jum. Ctrl and -, Ctrl + Mousewheel Down - Jump out. Ctrl + 0 - will reset to default (100%) zoom.


-Used for Your Full screen Mode , and exit used for clear full screen mode.

Scrolling Space, Page Down

  • One step will scroll down.

Shift + Space, Page Up

  • One step will scroll upwards.


  • Scroll to the top of the page.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Ctrl + L, Alt + D, F6

-In this Section Address bar will be selected.

Ctrl + Enter

  • www. Search

Alt + Enter

  • Search results related to the text in the address bar will open in a n

Ctrl + G, F3

  • Find the next match of the text searched on

Ctrl + Shift + G, Shift + F3

  • It will show the previous mathches of search which you searched on this page.

History and bookmarks Ctrl + H

  • Browsing history will open.

Ctrl + J

  • The download history will open.

Ctrl + D

  • Bookmark the current page.

Ctrl + Shift + Del

  • The Clear Browsing History window will open. Other functions

Ctrl + P

  • Print the current page.

Ctrl + S

  • will save the current page on the computer.

Ctrl + O

  • will open a file on the computer.

Ctrl + U

  • will open the source code of the current page.

Ctrl + Shift + I, F12

  • Developer Tools or Firebug will open.

I think If Anoyone use those Sortcuts It will make The user More easy to Use The Web Browser.
Thank You everyone.
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