Steemit Crypto Academy Contest Season 1 Week 2 - Reviewing Centralized Exchanges

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The Steemit Engagement Challenge is in its 2nd week across 7 communities. Steemit Crypto Academy is opportune to be part of this challenge as we have almost concluded the first week of the challenge. We are here again to introduce the new contest for week 2 and we hope you will participate and share your experiences in the crypto industry. All you need to know about the contest follows in other sections of this article.

Contest Theme: Reviewing Centralized Exchanges

According to CoinmarketCap, there are 515 exchanges in the crypto market at the time of writing this article. Let's look at exchanges as a marketplace where users carry out cryptocurrency transactions. This can be trading, staking, lending, and borrowing services. Decentralized exchanges are more secure as users have access to their private keys and are also in control of their funds. Despite that, we tend to see centralized exchanges topping the chart in all comparisons in the crypto industry despite having control of users' funds and going against the aim of the crypto industry which is decentralization.

We assume every user in the crypto space has either used a centralized or decentralized exchange to carry out crypto transactions. We expect you to highlight the unique features of centralized exchanges and what you think about centralized exchanges. You are also expected to review your favorite centralized exchange and discuss its unique features. Most of us have stuck to a particular exchange and might have missed out on important features of other exchanges. We hope this contest will engage users as they discuss their favorite crypto exchange.

What is Expected in the Contest?

We understand some users in this contest haven’t taken part in the previous academy lessons. Please ensure you understand the difference between a centralized and a decentralized exchange before taking part in this contest. You can visit the Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 Beginners' Course - Task 7 : Dex, Cex, Popular Exchanges and Trading Cryptos by @imagen.

  • Discuss briefly Centralized exchanges and its Benefits to crypto users.

  • What do you look out for when choosing an exchange to trade your crypto assest?

  • Review your favorite centralized exchange and explain its unique features

  • Is there anything about your favorite exchange you will like to be changed? Discuss.

  • What shortcomings do you see on centralized exchanges and how do you think user funds can be protected since we don’t have access to our wallet private keys?

  • Contest Guidelines

    • Post your articles in the Steemit Crypto Academy community. The participation time is between Monday, May 2nd, 2022, 00:00 UTC to Sunday, May 8th, 2022, 23:59 UTC.

    • The article should be at minimum 300-500 words. You can write more. Your article must be free of any form of plagiarism.

    • Your article title should be Steemit Crypto Academy Contest / S1W2 – Reviewing Centralized Exchanges by @username. Add the tag #cryptoacademy-s1w2 and other relevant tags.

    • Participants must be appropriately following #club5050 or #club75 or #club100.

    • Your article must get at least 10 upvotes and 5 valid comments. Do not be involved in vote buying.

    • The community moderators would be leaving quality assessments on your articles and probable upvotes.


    • SC01 would be checking on the entire 7 participating communities and upvoting outstanding content. Upvote is not guaranteed for all articles. Kindly take note.

    • At the end of the week/month, we would nominate top 3 users to be compared with other participants in other communities for a probable win for the week/month.

    Other things to know about the Challenge

    There are rewards for outstanding content creators across the 7 communities, these ones are selected weekly and monthly. To qualify for any of them, let's see a few things that must be satisfied.

    Weekly Winners

    • Users to be considered for the weekly winners must have joined 7 contests across all the participating communities in 7 days.

    • One entry per day, posted before/at 23:59 UTC of each day. And must conform to all rules, also as specified in the contest hosted by each community.

    • The articles must have an average number of ≥ 50 upvotes and ≥ 10 comments.

    • Users must be following at least #club5050 / #club75 / #club100. #club75 and #club100 users have a higher percentage of winning.

    • Top 1, Top 2 and Top 3 gets 30%, 25% and 20% upvote respectively from SC01.

    Monthly Winners

    • Users to be considered for the monthly winners must have at least 28 entries throughout the month.

    • One entry per day, posted before/at 23:59 UTC of each day. And must conform to all rules, also as specified in the contest hosted by each community.

    • The articles must have an average number of ≥ 50 upvotes and ≥ 10 comments.

    • Users must be following at least #club5050 / #club75 / #club100. #club75 and #club100 users have a higher percentage of winning.

    • Top 1, Top 2 and Top 3 gets 100%, 75% and 50% upvote respectively from SC01.

    Important Notice: Both weekly and monthly winners are selected based on judgment across all the participating communities on the platform. Only nominations are done at each community level. Kindly take note.


    This contest aim at educating and engaging users to discuss about centralised exchanges. Feel free to express yourself and tell us your experience so far using your favorite centralized exchange. The guidelines for this contest have been highlighted and we urge you to adhere to them. The comment section is opened for any confusion or suggestion on the contest.

    Thank you.


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