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One of the most common difficulties that's usually found when participating in a decentralized finance platform is the lack of knowledge of the new user who is interested in them. It seems illogical to say this, but it's the reality, because when entering they come across so many unfamiliar terms, that if they aren't very motivated to participate, they could be immediately discouraged.

And no matter how long they have been using cryptocurrencies, or consume any other product based on the blockchain, when they enter the world of DeFis, they realize that it is something very different, and they can feel like complete newbies, it's like if you entered another ecosystem, because by far it can be truly intimidating.

Massive Adoption

However, they know that the DeFis are something important and that they grow exponentially, because the networks are full of news about them. Many of those news refer to the large sums of money involved, giving a first great impression that triggers the desire to be part of this movement, and being able to receive profits as well, but this desire can be frustrated by the complexity of the terminology or the use of the platform, losing a potential new user or investor.

I think that one of the most common factors among people, who have been immersed in the world of blockchain for the longest time, is the desire for a massive adoption of decentralized products to be achieved, based on this technology, to end the dependence on centralized entities, so as to be able to carry out many of our commercial activities, though, this is not accomplished due to the many obstacles that must be overcome, including the complexities of the procedures.

Based on this, I have always thought that a key point to achieve greater adoption is the simplification of these technologies, where the final user doesn't even know that he/she is using a blockchain. An example of this is the use of social networks. You don't have to know about programming or algorithms to participate in them.

I'm well aware that this process will take time, but while this is happening, efforts may be made to guide new users, so that they will not be intimidated by the complexity they encounter when logging in for the first time. This can be achieved with simple efforts.

Defibox school

Being a genesis user of the EOS blockchain, for me it has been a source of great joy to see everything that has been achieved so far, which contrasts greatly with the beginning of everything. I still remember how complex it was to open my first EOS account Through SimplEOS. I felt like I was hacking NASA, but seeing platforms like Defibox today, striving to implement changes for the good of the community, makes me feel like everything is on the right way.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do, and Defibox may be one of the great protagonists to achieve mass adoption, the reason why I call my presentation "Defibox School", based on the basis of this contest that says:

… In order to attract more users to join our Defibox “Lego” game and explore more creative ways to play DeFi…

This, the way it is seen, consists of placing at first sight and first hand basic help, dummies style, for new users, who, when arriving at Defibox, either for advertising or some other type of promotion, are not intimidated by the first thing they see. The idea is for them to feel welcomed and that a hand is being extended to them.

It's known by those of us who have used the platform for a while that Defbox has a support and help center, it even has its FAQ. However, it is located at the bottom of the web page, not being quickly accessible.

The help center might contain a basics section that introduces the new user to the site's terminology. AS a suggestion, this list might contain:

  • Swap
  • Mining
  • BSS
  • Lending
  • LP tokens
  • USN
  • Liquidity
  • APY
  • Mining weight
  • Real-time revenue
  • TVL

After becoming familiar with these terms, the new user could access a series of procedures’ videos or tutorials within the platform, including:

  • How to perform a Swap
  • How to read or interpret the information in the market table
  • How to generate USN
  • How the BOX Saving System works, and what are its benefits
  • How to use the loan platform.


To ensure that the user complies with each of the training stages, a small incentive could be given for completion, to avoid scammers who wish to do it with multiple accounts, these funds could only be used within Defibox, an LP token, for example. In the end, what is sought is to draw the attention of more people to the platform.

It is well known that efforts to train more users are giving good results on other platforms, Binance, for example, and its blockchain school that attracts more and more users, which allowed them to expand their P2P platform to many more countries. This could also happen too Defibox, we could see in the not too distant future users from various places in the world trading among themselves through this platform, first doing a sawp and then exchanging fiat currency with others, or even better, paying for any purchase directly from Defibox.

Very much obliged to the Defibox Foundation for opening this space to propose our ideas, with the option that they be accepted for possible implementation. Thanks for paying attention to the community. My best wishes to you.

“Defibox essay Contest Submission”

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Images taken from Pixabay and the official Defibox site

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