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What is PoB? What does curation mean to you in Steem Blockchain? What are the benefits of building SP? How do you explain self-upvote as a good or bad social behavior & why? Explore to indicate rank, STEEM price, and coinmarketcap of STEEM(screenshot required)? What are the different tokens do you earn by socializing in Steem Blockchain? How would you use your TRX earned in Steem Blockchain to optimize earning in Tron ecosystem?

What is PoB?

PoB is an acronym which stands for Proof of Brain. It is important to understand that the Steemit blockchain operates on a different form of reward system onlike other blockchains. Considerating the fact that it has been designed as a social media where people react to your content based on the quality or kind of content. So on steemit individuals upvote or downvote votes based on the quality of content of the content creator. So proof of Brain is just the collective name give to a reward system that rewards based on the quality of your content.

What are the benefits of building SP?

SP simply means Steem Power. SP is a token of influence on steemit block chain. Meaning does with a higher value of SP definitely have more control and influence on the block chain. The more SP you have the greater chances you have in earning more on the block chain because you will be able to earn as a curator and also a creator. And also you get to attract a huge amounts of following from others helping you build a bigger network for your own niche and content.

What is the Meaning of Curation on the blockchain?

When I just joint steemit and heard of curation I tuaght it simply meant upvoting people's content. But during the cost of going through my achievement exercises I realised curation entails a process of seeking content, reading content, appreciating content, upvoting and the sharing the content.


designed by me on logopit

Well, now that I think of it, if curation was just an upvote then calling it curation will not be worth it. Because by the meaning of the word curation which is

the action or process of selecting, organising, and looking after an item in a collection of exhibitions.Oxford Language

If curation truely means these above then it has alot more to do than just an upvote.

How do you explain Self Votes as a Good or bad social behavior and why?

Self upvotes as it suggest means a content creator creates his content and upvote it by his or her self. So they make an isolated judgement about their content without regards concerns of the community.

Steemit is a descentralised block chain, everyone is free to decide how to distribute and how to redistribute votes as they want. However from my own honest opinion self upvotes are uncanny. When one upvotes their own post they are baised in judgement not giving any taught on the quality of content. So if the content is poor or rich they will upvote anyways. And making isolated judgements about a post defiles the whole essence of the upvote algorithm. But when we give room for others to make community Judgement about our post it turns to give us a sense of growth and rewards rather than making isolated judgements. Also self upvotes of poor content are disadvantagous becuase they will always remain at the lower zone of the reward system. Becuase based on the way the algorithm of rewards has been designed it gives preference to community judgements rather than isolated judgements.

Explore the to indicate the rank of STEEM and the coinmarketcap of STEEM.

The Rank of a digital currency on coinmarketcap refers to the coin relative position on the market and Currently the rank of steem is at 198

Coinmarketcap ref

The coinmarketcap indicates or shows the circulating supply price of a coin in the market
And the current coin market capitalization for STEEM is as shown below

Coinmarketcap ref

What are different tokens one earn by socialising on steemit Blockchain

They are actually four different different kinds of tokens on SBD(steem Dollars), SP(steem Power), STEEM, TRX (Trons)

When someone acts from the curation end he or she recieves SP as curation rewards.

When one is a content creator and people get to vote on your post. It has a period of seven days to pay out. After it pays out you will earn SBD, SP and an extra token of TRX.

However this reward token can be exchanged for STEEM. STEEM it self is not a reward token.

How would you use your TRX earned in Steem Blockchain to optimize earning in Tron ecosystem

It is obvious we cannot directly trade with TRX on the Steem Blockchain becuase the wallets whichwe have are just wallets which can hold TRX and we cannot trade with it. One of the most effective ways of me maximising TRX which I earn on steemit is to import my holding wallet into a Trading wallet that directly links with the Tron ecosystem for me I use the Tronlink wallet. It helps us to be able to trade with TRX freely.

Screenshot from my Tronlink wallet

Thank you so much for reading through my writing, it was challenging but worth it.

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Greetings @drumblac, thank you very much for being a part of SteemitCryptoAcademy this fourth season and for your efforts in this 2nd task of the fixed courses for beginners.

Your grade on this assignment is as follows:

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Following Standards (Guidelines)1.6/2
Quality of Content (Subject Matter Mastery)1.5/2
Spelling and Grammar (Writing Fluency)0.7/1



Nice presentation, although it can still improve a little, remember to respect the lines between paragraphs

Give respects a little more explanatory and original, get out of the average

Try to create a more complete task.

Thank you @drumblac for your effort in carrying out this publication, I hope to continue reviewing your future tasks.


Alright sir thank you