Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 Beginners' course -Homework Post for Task 4:[Blockchain, Decentralization, Block explorer] by @dulip

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  • Write the definition of blockchain. And how our data on Blockchain is protected from hackers. ? And write details about Data, Hash and Previous Hash tag and explain through screenshot.



As people who have a great passion for Cryptocurrency, we have to learn and study basic concepts. So that I think this will be a better chance to learn the fundamentals. Let's move into the topic. When we consider the Blockchain simply we know it is a combination of two simple words. In any subject, if we know the terminology very well it is a great support to take the exact idea about the subject and its behavior.

Block means in a regular way simply gives stone, rock, or a large part of ard material but here when we compare the meaning with the Crypto Market it gives another meaning. The place where important information is stored is simply a block. Chain giving the same meaning on both sides because it expresses the linking.

Blockchain consists of many blocks so that it is called Blockchain. Each block connects with the other from the hash. This chain of information(blockchain) is a safer way in the modern world to protect our data.

How our data on Blockchain is protected from hackers?

Most people ask this question because they haven't enough knowledge about the Blockchain concept. I will give some pinpoints to clear this misunderstanding, so it is very helpful to you to gather with the Crypto market because most of the Blockchains are related to a cryptocurrency.


People have some kind of fear about their data and their privacy because of the illegal activities done by hackers; a hacker is a person who uses his knowledge to undergo some technical problems in an illegal way. But the advantage of these blockchains it is not possible to change the data stored in blocks as a registry folder. And the other benefit is these blockchains are decentralized so that the data which we are adding to the blockchain is verified in thousands of nodes around the world. Blockchain is an online, distributed system that is impossible to change or alternate stored data so that we can trust these blockchains.

Data, Hash and Previous Hashtag

Before completing this lesson we have to get some vast knowledge about some terminologies so this is the time to learn about Data, Hash and Previous Hashtag. These three words we can define as basic components of a blockchain. Hence without knowing about these components lesson will not be fulfilled.

  • Data- What do you mean by hearing this word? Anyway, simply we can define data as some kind of single fact to statics usually some numerical values are collected through an observation process. If these data giving some meaning to our day-to-day work then we called it information. Considering the Cryptocurrency data is very much important. Just think about one transaction, we can find so much information about that transaction such as sender, the sent amount, receiver, and so on.

  • Hash-Modern world suddenly if someone says hash people think about this "#" symbol but in Blockchain it has a major role. As we know every person who lives on earth has a unique fingerprint so that we can identify the person by his fingerprint, there is no argument. Likewise in a blockchain, it has a unique identification that is called "hash".
    As an example think about this hash,


    If we search about this block by using a block explorer then we'll be able to find there is only one in this hash.

  • Previous Hash Tag- We discussed that blocks like registers and store the information, anyway what happen to the block when this folder will fill with data. As we know we can make so many folders like that if any block fills then it creates a new block itself. In this process the above-mentioned previous hashtag takes place. When a new one is creating the previous hashtag will also create in it. Therefore the previous hashtag will exist in both new and previous blocks. By means of this decentralized blockchains are formed.

Now I'll explain the above discussed basic components of blockchain in a practical way by using Steem Block explorer
It has several steps.

  • Step 01- As the first step we have to search Steem block explorer then may appear several results and I selected the first one.


Google page src

  • Step 02 - Here we can see the main home page of the Steem block explorer. and it shows some information such as transactions, number of witnesses, blockchain properties, and so on.


Homepage Steem Block Explorer Src

  • Step 03 - Here we have to add our Steemit user name in the search bar, as an example, I have written as dulip.


Homepage Steem Block Explorer Src

*Step 04 - Now we have another window, it shows voting power, RCs, reputation, account transactions, and also hash for each transaction. Here we have to copy any hashtag to find its detail; I selected the first one.


Steem Block Explorer @dulip Src

  • Step 05 - In this step, we use another Steemscan. After logging, we have to paste the hash which we have copied in the previous step in the search bar.


Homepage Steemscan Src

  • Step 06 - This is the final step now you have a clear idea about the blockchain and its unique characteristics. Here we can find many details which we have learned.


Steemscan Transaction Details @dulip Src

This is all about my Homework task 04, Thanking you all for the valuable time which you spend on this article.

All the images which are not sourced are screenshots

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Greetings @dulip, thank you very much for being a part of SteemitCryptoAcademy this fourth season and for your efforts in this 4th task of the fixed courses for beginners.

Your grade on this assignment is as follows:

Presentation Style (Markdown Usage)1.7/2
Following Standards (Guidelines)1.5/2
Quality of Content (Subject Matter Mastery)1.7/2
Spelling and Grammar (Writing Fluency)2/2



Great presentation and use of the Markdown, you're doing very well with that. You can still be more original and creative if you make covers!

Your research and knowledge of the subject shows, keep it up!

In the final screenshots you should have given the examples of the screenshots with a block, you explained yourself with a transaction but the right thing to do was to do it with a block. Any of the ones in the screenshot from step 2 would have worked for you.

You only had to click on the block number to review it.

Thank you @dulip for your effort in carrying out this publication, I hope to continue reviewing your future tasks.


Thank you Professor @nane15



Your title is too long. Please make it short including only the necessary phrases.


ok Professor @dilchamo