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His conference corresponding to decentralized and centralized social networks was super important, which is super important to know their differences and above all that the decentralized social network of steemit is helping many people around the world for various reasons that I will let you know below. Good afternoon.

Question no 1

Write the definition of Decentralized and Centralized Social Media Platforms in your own words.Explain in your own words the difference between decentralization and centralization Social Media Platforms (answer should related Social Media Platforms . (answer must be written in oun words, copy paste or from other source copy will be not accepted).


Centralized social media platforms.

Centralized social media platforms are entities that are controlled by an executive who sets rules and no one can break them and are based on a number of filters which filter the information that the user enters and if this information is not adequate or the system takes it as not allowed, it can from suspending the publication, suspending the permission to publish for several days, suspending your account for a certain time and even blocking your account indefinitely, the registration for many of these social networks is free and if you wish a more pleasant service and with more benefits (that your publication is seen by more people in the world), you have to make an additional payment, the most famous social networks today that apply this system are, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, tik tok, youtube, among many others, therefore all users who enter this social network have to take into consideration that they can handle these social networks Ales with a lot of control and a lot of caution to follow the orders of the company, most of the centralized social networks are very good to avoid some publications that can damage the reputation of something or someone, and also to avoid the publications that are very serious, pornography, abuse, violence and many other things that children cannot see, although many of these publications are often mocked in a certain way by the system and are not blocked, but these centralized social networks provide positive things regarding the publications bizarre.



Decentralized social media platforms.

Decentralized social media platforms are those that are not governed by an entity that controls them, they are those that allow users free freedom of expression and for expressing yourself in the worst way about something or an article, the platform will not block or suspend your account, users are in all their freedom to make the publication they want, registration for these decentralized social networks is free, and the way they are programmed with free expression is the part that makes them attractive to millions of users, the only bad thing is that it has no restrictions on anything and anyone can use this service for malicious and bizarre purposes, without the platform being able to do something to be decentralized. The most recognized and the most popular decentralized social network today is Stemmit, which gives you freedom of expression and many benefits of charging for voting in publications.

Difference between centralized social media platforms.

1) Even if your account has millions of followers and a long history, if you commit a mistake, or many users report your account without a reason, your account will be permanently suspended.

2) There is no freedom of expression

3) They are governed by an entity or entity that controls its rules.

4) It does not provide benefits to its users. (Only the benefit of not seeing violent news), it only provides the economic benefit, only if your account has great reach and if your account is monetized (a rigorous registration must be made for this benefit).

5) On the platform of any social network you can easily retrieve the password, just follow the methods implemented by the social network, or simply by communicating with the institution in charge via email or from their social network.

Difference between decentralized social media platforms.

1) Your account will never be blocked or suspended by the platform.

2) You have freedom of expression in its entirety.

3) They are not governed by any entity that controls the actions of users.

4) It provides the user with a greater benefit with respect to charging through the voting of publications, an example of this is the steemit social network, this allows thousands of people to help economically around the world.

5) After creating your account you have to be very careful to protect your password or access codes because if you lose them there is no entity that can help you recover them. Your account would be without access.

Question no 2

Which One is The Future of Social media ? Decentralized or centralized Social media.(answer must be written in own words).

My answer is directed through the comfort and ease of use of the social network, I particularly think that each social network shares in a certain way several beneficial criteria for a certain percentage of people by age and what they want to see. Many people prefer centralized social networks because they are extremely easy to use, they do not need to know anything about html codes at all, just know how to write and use a computer, but more and more we are progressing more with respect to knowing new things and learning new things, I think that More and more people are making the decision to belong to a decentralized social network due to the benefits they provide and the ease of using them, the only bad thing about decentralized social networks is that you have to have a little knowledge of html codes and their use , but it is something that can be learned with practice very quickly, for me the future will be decentralized social networks since they allow to get rid of a wide field of limitations that centralized social networks have.

Question no 3

How steemit decentralization social media is best than Twitter and Facebook.(answer must be written in own words)

The steemit social network is better than twitter and Facebook for the simple fact of not being governed by centralized rules by an institution, and with this it is preferred by millions of users all over the world for its broad benefit of freedom of expression, and Most importantly, it will never block your account for a comment outside the place, since that is what this social network is about, be as free as possible.

Question no 4

What do you say? How do Steemit social media change the lives of millions of its users?(answer must be written in own words).

This decentralized social network of steemit has changed the lives of millions of people around the world since it allows you to monetize each publication you make in the form of voting, which depends on the reputation of the user, increases the value of the vote and can give you from pennies to several and hundreds of dollars in a single publication, this has economically helped many people living in poverty, and who are in countries where they are experiencing very serious inflation, countries of war, etc., in addition to that in this social network they can publish content in that in centralized social networks they would block them, in addition to that many groups belonging to this social network allow courses, and see very interesting publications that you can use for your daily use in your life, people or your economic life, this social network the truth has been very good and it is changing the lives of many people.

Question no 5

How can we make money with Steemit's decentralized social media.(write your own experience).

The first time I decided to enter the world of decentralized social networks I joined a group in which I had to present myself to belong to such a group, once I showed up a few days later I was collecting payments through voting and 7 days later I could already withdraw them, this was very helpful for me and my family, so I decided to join other groups especially in the cryptoacademy since my vision for the future is to be professional trading and this would help me a lot, I started doing the courses that were dictated and for each task that I performed perfectly, they gave me paid help which helped me to apply what I learned in trading and to gain experiences and to financially help my family that we need it so much, to earn money through this social network, we will have to join many groups in which you feel comfortable and can master the content, each group has its content and through this you make corresponding publications ndientes to content and there is a wide range of your publications being paid, remember that each publication you make, you are helping someone else to know about the content you are publishing. That is the best.

Question no 6

How can we make money with Steemit's decentralized social media.(write your own experience).

To create a community we have to follow a few simple steps, which I will show you below.

First step: we log into the steemit platform and click on the steemit logo.


Second step: we click on "show more topics" at the bottom of our communities.


Third step: we click on "Create community"


Fourth step: we write the Name of the community "cannot exceed 20 letters", and at the bottom we write a brief description of our community.


Fifth step: before giving "next" we must save the password of our community, then we accept the box and we give next.


Sixth step: the administrator and creator of the community must pay 3 steems to create the group, we pay and we give next.


Seventh step: we must enter with our active password to continue.


Eighth step: the community has been created successfully.


Ninth step: here we can see the community created and ready to be configured, waiting for new members.



Today's topic was a great help for many of us, especially for those who do not know the pros and cons of social networks, I think that not everyone knows how to use social networks and we must pay close attention to their use, today Today many people are living in a fence especially due to the restrictions that centralized social networks place on people, about free expression. I believe that the next generation of social networks will be decentralized social networks for free use and for free and have options to receive payments per publication. Which would help economically and socially many people around the world. I enjoyed doing your homework very much, I left very good learning, I congratulate you on such a valuable topic.

Important note:

All the images reflected in my research are free of copyright, you can notice it in the image link

Thanks for the support.


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