Crypto Academy Week 12 || Homework Post for Professor @pelon53 || Tokens Part II

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Hi Steemians, this is my homework post for Professor @pelon53 on Tokens Part 2. Hope you enjoy it.

Explain the ERC-1155 Token in detail.

The ERC–1155 token standard allows the creation of fungible, semi-fungible and non-fungible tokens into single token standard.
This makes ERC-1155 a kind of combination of more popular ERC-20(fungible or same) and ERC-721(non-fungible or different) tokens.
What this means is that, both fungible and non fungible tokens can be created in the same standard. This is very important because gaming has both currencies and collectables; you buy a sword with your hard earned gold, or you sell your shield to buy portion. Video games and transactions like this and using two different standards like ERC-20 to handle gold and ERC-721 to handle sword, shield and portion can be very difficult. When you have two sets of code standard exchanging and interacting, it can be messy behind the scenes.
The ERC-1155 also, allows for a single smart contract to handle the tokens, rather than ERC-20 and ERC-721.
On the Ethereum blockchain, efficiency, smart contract construction and transactions minimization are everything for developers.
Beyond games, there are many of the real life scenarios that makes use of both fungible and non fungible items. Example; Digital content and artwork. ERC-1155, allows for accessibility, simplicity and efficiency on the artist side and on the buyers side. In a nutshell, it's always good to have the capacity to offer this tokens in a single standard.

Explain how you verify the amount of ERC-721 tokens existing at the time of doing your homework. Present screenshot (use etherscan)

The followings are the steps to access the amount of ERC-721 tokens.

Step1. Go to Etherscan and click on the top right menu symbol.


Step2. On the drop-down, click on the Tokens.


Step3. On the second drop-down, click on ERC-721 Top Tokens.


Step4. Having clicked on ERC-721, you will see the amount available as at the time. So it was 11,114 ERC-721, as at the time I checked.


Explain the TRC20 Token and check the amount of TRC20 tokens existing at the time of doing your homework. Present screenshot (use tronscan)

TRC-20, is a technical standard that operates on TRON blockchain technology and also, makes use of smart contracts and TRON address. This allows that all transactions with TRON are done on the Tron network.
TRC-20 is well secured, as they operate on Tron blockchain technology. It can be used on decentralized applications and can also be swapped. This allows for flexibility and fast transactions more than most.

These are the steps to access the amount of TRC-20 tokens.

Step1. Go-to Tronscan and click on the menu symbol at the top right corner.


Step2. On the drop-down, click on the Tokens.


Step3. On the second drop-down, click on the TOKEN TRACKER.


Step4. Click on the TRC20, and you will see it right under. I used mobile phone, so it might be in different position when you use desktop. As at the time I checked, it was 15,972 tokens.


ERC-1155 is the game changer, that has made it possible for developers to manage fungible, semi fungible and non fungible tokens in one contract, which is far more efficient and saves both time, cost and resources (gas).

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El trabajo muy deficiente. Le faltó mayor profundidad y datos importantes en cada token.

No nombras los beneficios de hacer una transferencia y se puede devolver si hay un error, en los token ERC-1155.

No nombras la compatibilidad entre TRC20 y ERC-20.

Faltaron datos importantes.

Escala de Estimación.Puntaje.Observación
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