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Hey all welcome back to my homework series of crypto school 😃. Today am here in this blog going to do a homework for the professor @yousafharoonkhan. Thank you professor for the beautiful lesson. So let's get started ...

Understanding of centralized and decentralised network is an essential part in crypto currency. I feel it is necessary to know everyone about the advantages and disadvantages of Centralized and decentralised network.

Centralised network

  • The term center defines all. We all should need to depend on the authorised central one for each and every aspects.

  • In centralised network everyone should need to follow the orders in hierarchical structure. One should need to depend one another.

  • At a top of the network there is only one authorised group or a person you can raise him a question or he can able to change the data of network.


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Decentralised network

  • Decentralised networks are not a single server it is a combination of multiple nodes.

  • Decentralised network has many advantages of centralized networking. Especially data can't be handled by a single person.

  • Decentralised network is inverse of centralised network it is not functioning on hierarchical manner.


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Comparison between Centralised network and Decentralised network



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In centralised network, it runs on hierarchical structure so there is a sequential order of process. If error occurred mean we can able to raise a question and get an appropriate answer for the the raised questions. But in decentralised network we have no certain central authority. These network run by multiple nodes we can't able to get an appropriate answer in this case I felt centralised network is helpful over decentralised network.

Data security:-


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In centralised network the data are stored in the single server hence it can be changed by the appropriate authorities or powerful firewall breaking Technics. It can also be get erased by physical natural factors like wind water and fire. In decentralised network node are running on different many nodes hence data can be retrieved. In this case we find an advantage of decentralised network.



Image taken from pixabay copyright free

In Centralised network governance run by a single head authority hence the chain-link will not work completely in active participation but in decentralised network all the participants are a main members hence they involve actively.

Thank you for reading this blog up here. I really need to know how many peoples are reading my post completely so if you are reading this line. Just do the comment on what you think about my post and how I was presenting this post whether it is looking good or have to change some alignments so just let me know in the comment section.

Note:- All images used above are taken from pixabay which is copyright free.

Thank you


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First respected student Thank you very much for taking participate in Steemit Crypto Academy Season 2, Week 1 course class..

i appreciate this definition line in the home work that you added

Decentralised network is inverse of centralised network it is not functioning on hierarchical manner.

I thank you for joining my class. I have read your homework. You have written very well and you have tried to express its in own words . It is a good effort but you have not completed your homework. you did not attempt question no Question no 4 :

Which one is better for Business/trading and why? (write in own words)

Question no 5 :

How do you know if a blockchain is decentralized or not? You can describe any method, but in your own words.

Rating: 4.5


Yes professor I would complete my homework on part 2 post 😄


Is this mark for 10? professor?

nicely done, it would be great to find their differences in detail if you know what i mean. Overall good work

Yes dear, you have written it very precisely. Good luck to you
I will also share my home work very soon


Thank you ☺️