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Hi, friends hope you all are fine, from this week's lecture by professor @pelon53 we have learned about token standards of Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 one of the most famous standards to date, and another one is ERC-721 which is the most famous one for NFT's.

I have learned many things from the professor's lecture post and I'm going to write home work of hope this will help others to learn more about other ERC and TRC standards.

We have learned about the ERC-721 standard which is the very first token standard for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) but because of the increasing demand for NFT's this standard need's some improvements.

ERC-1155 Multi Token Standard

ERC-1155 is proposed by Enjin CTO Witek Radomski in 2018 and later approved by the Ethereum team and added token standard for Multi Token Standard Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) and Fungible Tokens this standard is also known as (Semi Fungible Tokens Standard).

ERC-721 is standard for NFT and ERC-20 is for fungible tokens and smart contract developers were deploying two separate contracts for both tokens here is a waste of resources come in so we need a solution by which only one contract can perform both things.

ERC-1155 has solved many problems like we can deploy semi fungible tokens and we send a batch of tokens at a time this will save our time and resources (gas fees).


ERC-1155 tokens follow the following structure that they use:

1. safe transfer from: this function will use to transfer a single token from a user account to another user account (In approval from the user first).

2. safeBatchTransferFrom: this function can transfer multiple tokens from users' accounts to another user accounts.

3. balanceOf Shows total single account balance.

4. balanceOfBatch: Shows multiples users account balance.

5. setApprovalForAll: Approve for all tokens transfer.

6. isApprovedForAll: Shows all User is approved for transfer tokens or not.

7. Mint & Burn: Mint create new assets & Burn existing assets.

8. MetaData : Hold all the information about tokens like URI, ID, etc.


ERC-721 TokenERC-1155
The standard for Non Fungible Tokens.Standard for Fungible & Non-Fungible Tokens.
Support only a single token transfer at a time.Support batch of tokens transfer at a time.
Require a new smart contract for each new type of token.Single smart contract can deploy infinite tokens.


Etherscan provides all the details of standard tokens on the website where you can find all the transaction done by users and gas prices and many more things at one place for checking ERC-721 tokens details, first we need to go on Etherscan website


  • You see the token menu on the top menu bar click on tokens.
  • Now click on ERC-721 top tokens.

scrnli_5_8_2021_10-40-42 PM.png

  • Here you can see all the existing ERC-721 smart contracts 11,153 are created on the top of the Ethereum blockchain.


TRC 20 is the standard for TRON blockchain, any developer wants to create a token on TRON Blockchain they have to follow this standard has all same functionalities as ERC-20 have and it's easy to learn.


TRC20 tokens follow the following structure that they use:

1. Name: this will show token name ex: FARHAN COIN

2. Symbol: this will show token symbol ex: FRX

3. balanceOf Show the balance of users

4. Decimals: Show decimal unit of token

5. Total Supply: Show total supply of token

6. Transfer: transfer tokens from one user to another

7. transfer from: transfer token of the user by approved user.(need approval by user)

8. Approve: Approve a particular user to transfer your token

9. Allowance: Show totally approved amount


We have seen an Etherscan website that shows us all the details amount the Ethereum blockchain like this we have the Tronscan website which shows us all about TRON Blockchain here you can find all the details about Tron transactions.


  • Click on the Token in the menu bar

  • Now click on the token tracker

scrnli_5_8_2021_11-01-05 PM.png

  • Now click on TRC-20 tokens and this will show you all of the TRC-20 token standard base tokens that existed on the top of TRON Blockchain here a total of 37,104 exists to date.

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