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My experience with Steemit & Blockchain

Hello Steemit,

My name is Dinesh Damai known as @ghostfacer99 here in Steemit. I have joined the platform with the help of my friend @stream4u in December 2020. Since then I am an active user on Steemit.

I must say when I join my first job back in 2016 as an IT Technician. I got exposure to IT World & Technology, till then I was limited to my studies only. I had completed my Bachelor of Commerce degree (full time) along with a full-time job. Back in 2017, I heard about the BTC from one of my friend and one of exchange which was there at that time in India. From there, I got involve in trading and started with a small amount. I had invested around 3-5 k INR in BTC back in 2017. I know this is no much but at that time trusting the exchange and step into Cryptocurrencies was a very big deal. exchange and then the exchange got banned, we had to withdraw our fund.

As there was a ban on Crypto Currencies in India. I joined the Indian Stock Market in 2018 and then I am an active trader on the Indian Stock Market as well. In 2020, with the entry on Steemit, I again came to know about this Crypto World and started my Crypto journey again. in this 2-3 months, I have to build a Crypto Portfolio of 40K+ INR with a minimum fund of 6K INR.

I must admit, with the introduction of Steem Crypto Academy, these classes helped to fill all gaps which I was having in these years. I have good hands-on Crypto Trading and live experience & in these last 3 months, I have gained a lot of information in Crypto World. Here, I am confident to share my hands-on experience blended with my knowledge.

Why am I an ideal candidate for the Steemit Crypto professor position?

Before stepping on the Crypto journey, it is critical to learn as much as possible about the Crypto world. However, before we reach the market, it is critical to understand where to begin and what facts to consider. Given my Crypto journey and what I've done to date, I'm sure that I can help newcomers to guide them to start their profitable Crypto journey in the same way that I did. Like us, my novice friend @y0gi has created a Crypto Portfolio. As an IT professional, I am always online, and I believe I can prepare lectures and review homework assignments on time. I believe that if I can do it, everyone can do it with proper instruction, which is why I am here.

Topics which I will be covering in the next 5 weeks.

I am very thankful to all the crypto professor who has provided us great information in these last 7 weeks. Here, I would like to redesign my course and start with very basic and some detailed information and then a quick guide to start trading:

Task 1: What is CryptoCurrency & Its Future.

Task 2: What Trading Platform & CryptoCurrency available on the market.

Task 3: All about AirDrop.

Task 4: What is Proof Of work CryptoCurrency & Proof Of Stake CryptoCurrency?

Task 5: What are ERC-20 tokens & Stablecoins?

Task 6: Initial coin offering & Initial exchange offering?

Task 7: How & When we can start CryptoCurrency Trading?

I have added 2 more topics, you can switch in between the topics, or I will if needed.

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Thank you!

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