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Thank you for your lecture, @yousafharoonkhan. It was so nice to learn about exchange order book from you. I am here to submit my homework and I will like to look at the following in details.

1.What is Order Book?
2.How to find Order book on Binance exchange and explanation of pairs, support and resistance, limit order and market order.
3.Important features of order book
4.Benefits of order book in terms of profit making and loss avoidance
5.How to place order


What is Order Book?
In a cryptocurrency exchange, like Binance, an order book is a comprehensive list of outstanding buy and sell orders, arranged according to market order for each chosen asset on the exchange.

It is divided into two: order to buy called bid and order to sell called ask. This is readily displayed when one opens any asset or search for it under market on the exchange platform. below is a screenshot of my order book taken from my Binance account for the BNB/USDT pair.

.How to find Order book on Binance exchange and explanation of pairs, support and resistance, limit order and market order.

I will be using my Binance account from the application on my phone to illustrate this, for easy screenshot.
1.Open your Binance exchange app.


2.Click on markets.
3.When the page opens, type the name of the asset on the search box and it will display the different pairs for that asset.


4.Here I used BNB/USDT pair. When you click on the pair, it will take you to the live chat for the pair.


5.At the bottom of the page, click on buy or sell. Any of thses will take you to the order book.

It is displayed on the right hand side, with order for sell (ask) on top and order for buy (bid) below it.


Important features of order book

The following features can be seen on the order book.
1.Buyers’ and sellers’ side: These are icons that allows a buyer or seller to place an order. On Binance exchange and in fact other exchanges, the seller’s side is indicated as red and the buyer’s side is indicated as green.

2.Bid and ask: Feature serves as alternative to buyer and seller icons. The bid is the buyer side, while the ask is the seller side.

3.Prices: this is a list of prices recorded over time as placed by buyers and sellers. It shows the reaction of buyers and sellers to the market order at the time of research.

The prices for the order placed by sellers shows in red color, while that place by buyers shows in green color.

4.Total: This is the cumulative amount of orders placed over a period of time.

5.Amount: This is located by the right hand side of the prices. It shows the amount of asset that each buyer and seller has placed in their order.

Benefits of order book in terms of profit making and loss avoidance

The order book gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to make profits in a volatile market situation experienced in cryptocurrency exchanges. To maximize profits, a buyer or seller can place order to favor them and wait for the order to get filled when the price gets to that limit, even when the buyer or seller is offline.

This in turn is used to avoid lost. For example, I bought a token called CFX on Binance last two months. Immediately I finished buying, the price dipped. So in order to ensure I make profit I placed order at a price that will give me $20 profit.

It took 4 days for it to be sold. That way I avoided loss and made some profit.

The order book is very useful in showing the market behaviour of buyers and sellers in response to the price of the asset. In order to maximize profit, reading the order book can guide us on when to buy, when to sell and what to buy.

The order book is a must read for everyone venturing into any type of trading in exchanges.

Thank you for reading.

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Thank you for joining The Steemit Crypto Academy Courses and participated in the Homework Task season 2 week 7.

  • You have done a good job and tried to answer the questions in your homework in a good way.
  • But more detailed answers are needed so that the answer to the question is clear.
  • question no 1, you did not explain well, and you missed 2nd part of question 1
  • How an order book can help a trader make a profit , you did try explain well, but answer was short , was missed technical review ,so need more detail to explore this question۔
  • how to place oco and stop limit order , you did not attempt it
  • you did not attempt all question, all questions are necessary to gain good grade
    Thank you very much for taking participate in this class

Grade :4