Steem Crypto Academy: My Humble Application

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Thank you @steemitblog, for yet another opportunity to be part of the revolution brought by Steem to the world. I am so excited to know you want to accommodate people from all levels in the crypto academy.

I am Asian George from Nigeria and I am here to submit my application for the post of a Crypto Professor.


My Experience in Steem
I joined the Steem platform on July, 2017 and my experience has been amazing. At the time of my journey here, I discovered that the platform is the home for all genuine hardworking people, so do my best to tell friends about it. In fact, I have made more genuine friends here than any other platform.

I have benefitted from this platform, ranging from my involvement with steem promotion campaign, as championed by @stephenkendal back then between 2017 and 2018, the diary game seasons, shopping games and steem crypto academy. Besides the benefits, in terms of financial support, I have learned so much, both from the challenges and other people’s posts.

Steem has shaped my writing ability. I was never a writer until I joined steemit back then. I have made a lot of mistakes, got corrected and still learning till date.

One of my great experience on steem that I need to share with you is that steem paid my rent. It was December 2017, my landlady had concluded plans to throw me out from the one room apartment I was living then. The rent had expired September same year and I was unable to renew it because I was out of job for six months.

Meanwhile, from July 2017 I have been keeping my earnings from steem. Despite the pressure, I had to just gather and keep till December. A week to the set date of eviction, I converted my earnings from steem to Naira fiat and paid her to her surprise.

This is why I can never give up on steem. Fast forward to the diary game seasons and shopping games season, steem helped me to survive the time of pandemic. I was able to take care of my expenses and that of my family through earnings from steem.

My baby boy @andikan1 was born September 15, 2020 and with the shopping games me and my wife @unyime were able to take care of baby stuff and hospital bills. My experience on steem is inexhaustible.

I don’t have tangible experience with other platforms, as all my life is centered around steemit.

My Off-chain Experience as Steem Promoter (Promo-steem)

Before the pandemic, I have led a campaign in schools around Port Harcourt in Nigeria to promote steem. Now I have people from University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State Polytechnic, among others who joined steem through my campaign and it has been great to see them doing well.

Me getting ready for steemit recruitment campaign with my steem t-shirt

With students in University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria during Promo-Nigeria campaign

From right: me, @princesstj and @xtiansuper after their sign up to steemit

Why I Can Do Well as Steemit Crypto Professor
I have the capacity to recruit people to steem and help them grow here, especially with the new beginners level students of the academy. Currently, I am the admin of STEEM NIGERIA community and I have been doing a lot to encourage recruitment, activities and growth of members of the group.

We are currently running a weekly contest in the community. What I did was to appoint moderators that takes turn to host the contests weekly. We have a whatsapp group where we teach new recruits how to write on steemit, encourage ourselves and review contest topics before making it live on the steemit platform.

I have been into crypto for five years now, doing investments like spot trading, mining and staking. In addition, the knowledge gained from the crypto academy is enough to impact to others and create a more robust opportunity for a better learning ground for others. I hope to learn more as I lecture others.

Five Weeks Sample Lecture Outlines for Steem Crypto Academy

Topic: The Future of Cryptocurrency
1.Milestones from industries
2.Regulatory Updates
3.Recent development in the Cryptocurrency Industry
4.Crytocurrency Regulation Landscape
5.Business Compliance with Regulations -Chalenges
6.Next step For Cryptocurrency Entities

Week 2
Topic: Cryptocurrency Exchanges
1.What is an Exchange?
2.How Exchange works
3.History of Exchange
4.Legistration of Exchanges

Week 3
Topic: Cryptocurrency VS Fiat Money
1.Utility of Money
2.Governance and Issuance
3.Exchange of Value
4.The Evolving Capacity of Money

Week 4
Topic: An Overview of Blockchain Governance
1.What is Blockchain
2.Mechanisms for Off-chain Governance
3.Mechanisms for On-chain Governance

Week 5
Topic: Unbanking The Banked-The Future of Money

1.Strategies For a Successful Banking of the Unbanked
2.Financial Technology (FinTech)
3.Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
4.What the future holds for FinTech and DeFi

My Three Best Crypto Related Posts

The following are links to my 3 best crypto posts taken from my homework in crypto academy:

1.Crypto Academy Week 9 - Homework Post for @alphafx|| Binance Smart Chain VS Ethereum Network – A Detailed Comparison

2. Crypto Academy Week 6 - Homework Post for @gbenga || Security Benefits and Impact of Cryptocurrency in the Banking Industry

3.Crypto Academy Week 7 - Homework Post for @gbenga||Decentralized Finance Projects: The bZx Protocol


I hope to abide by the guidelines by steemit team if chosen as a professor in the steem crypto academy. I don’t know all about cryptocurrency, but I am open to intructions and corrections. Thus, I am ready to learn more in the process of giving others lecture in any topic that will boost the knowledge of new comers in the crypto world.

Thank you in anticipation. Thank you for the opportunity to apply.



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Great application!!! Good luck in this new event


Thank you very much.

Great job. Your submission posts have always been very helpful.
I hope you are appointed


Thank you very much. I appreciate your support.

Hello @greatness

I am so glad to find out you are amongst students in porthacord university.

I am a student in cameroon, National Higher Polytechnic Institute. And we are to do Internship there in port harcord. I am doing petroleum engineering.

Hope i can contact with you.

Please leave me your contacts on whatsapp.

Mine is+237 650289740


I'm not a student, only went to recruit students there on steemit. But I live in Port Harcourt.