Steemitcryptoacademy - Application for Crypto Professor - Knowledge of Decentralized Storage/DApps and Earning through Crypto's

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As a Country Representative I have got too many things to learn though I am not a great teacher but I swear, I would try my best to portray all the learnings which I would get and I will try my best to share all the experience in homework posts so you guys can relate your experience with them too.

Summary of Life in Cryptocurrency :

The Bitcoin and Tron blockchain have taught me very well and i must say it was the best part of my whole life when i joined cryptocurrencies.

In case of off-chain experience i had a great experience over Wax Blockchain and its part named as Prospectors Game its another great way of earning while playing with zero or we could say 1$ investment only.

The most powerful and lovely experience i had is on Steemit Platform I started working over steemit for 3 years ago and got to know many different things, many sub platforms and other parts of Steem eg

  • Steemhunt
  • Steemmonsters
  • Drug wars
  • Moon steem
  • Reviewhunt
  • Actifit
  • Dtube
  • Dlike
  • Appics

Coming towards Tron Blockchain I have learned about these DApps ( Decentralized Apps )

  • Justswap
  • Tronadz ( Decentralized advertisement )
  • Justlend ( Borrow out Some crypto's )

On Eth Blockchain i have learned about these Dapps

  • Uniswap
  • Yearnfinance ( YFI )
  • Cryptokitties
  • MakerDao ( Dai coin )

Description Over My Capabilities.

The steemit pakistan meeting let me realize that i have a good power of Teaching and obviously teaching others make our Concepts and The learning of Cryptocurrency is future I have worked over different homeworks which made me feel about its importance and i have got good Remarks on them aswell which made me motivated towards Teaching and Learning.

My dedication and hardworking over Steemit Pakistan community made me Stronger.The support from all community members made me think of Applying over CryptoProfessor

I have a good experience of 3 years and also i am A senior steemitian with a great support of Pakistani people.

As stated above I learned above things and it was just a start because of busy routine but from now on as i have left my job due to overtime and less salary i would be giving my full time to Steemit.

As a proud Steemitian I want to progress want to give My part for this Beloved platform.

Outline of the topics

  • Learn about different Dapps assosiated with different blockchains and research/analysis about them. Definition, importance,uses, benefits,conclusion and much more. ( 1st week ).
  • Learn About Decentralized Storage , Its importance and its Future . Hassle Less storage without hesitation of being monitored by one Centralized Company or Government. ( 2nd week ).
  • Learn and Earn through Different Games on Dapps ( prospectors,steem monsters etc ). ( 3rd week ).

  • Learning of Decentralized Monetization, advertising,publishing and to earn Money from them. ( 4rth week ).

  • Cryptocurrency and its benefits over the whole world. ( 5th week ).

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I have been a witness to your hardwork in learning about all this to teach our members and many other people about steemit.
I am sure you'll be selected.
Interesting choice of topic anyways
I would love to learn all these😉😉
I wish you get success here IA you'll be selected for this post..
Great luck ahead. All the best❤️


Thankyou so much @haidermehdi for motivating me all the time.

You're one of oldest member on steemit from steemit-pak community and you also have learned alot in these three years and most important thing you have gained a lot of experience in crypto and I believe that you becoming professor will be beneficial for everyone on steemit...

Surely you can be a great professor as you have gained such an amazing knowledge through out 3 years and we will be glad to learn from you and from you experience.

Hope respected
@steemcurator02 will look in to this


Thankyou so much @bassamjamal the sunday's meeting made me motivated allot :)

I know you are capable of it and can be a great professor. I would love to learn from you, indeed you are an old user and have experience. Best of luck ♥️


thanks @vvarishayy i feel so glad to hear that :)

Lets hope for the best :)

InshaAllah you will be selected and you can give a good lecture to us as you are experienced at this platform. Best of luck for future


Thankyou so much @suboohi :) lets hope for the best

@hassanabid , No doubt you are very experienced on steem blockchain and i hope it would be great if we can learn more from your experience
My best wishes are for you 🌹


Thankyou so much Rashid bhai it's a pleasure to have you guys supporting me all the time.

For me, teacher like you is really needed on this platform. As I rejoined almost 15 days ago, I didn't know about the most of the things on steemit but you and @haidermehdi helped me in every situation. You both didn't only helped me, you are helping the whole Pakistani community even by arranging meetings on Google meet.

Best wishes for you brother, hope you get selected as a professor as it will be really helpful for the whole steemit community.

Good Luck


Thankyou so much for your kind words.

Indeed the meeting made our bondings much more stronger..


Yes it is as we all members got to know each other

In sha ALLAH, you will be selected. BEST OF LUCK.❤️

You are one of the great and experience person on steemit who guide us in every situation, it will be great for all of us to learn more from such a great professor..
Good luck 🤞


Thankyou so much @janemorane you guys always Supported and motivated me :)

Yup it's a great idea if Steemit Pakistan will get a fellow professor who can guide them in their own language or even through WhatsApp or etc can help them to learn fast. At least they can ask you directly.
Hope you will get this opportunity 😊

I think this is one of the best decision that you have made because you are the person who is 100% eligible for this job. I wish you good luck and I hope we will learn from you in future in steemit crypto academy

Such a good selection of topics and it would be so informative to learn under your guidance. You have great experience in this field and good command of these topics.
In shaa Allah you will get selected and we'll soon start learning from your experience and will have a great user experience.
Wishing you al the best :)

You taught me many things about cryptoworld 👌 and in my views you can be a good professor who will teach many informative things to newcomers through this platform.
My best wishes are with you my friend and mentor ❤

For sure you are a hardworker.
You have been with this platform since long & in my opinion you are well deserved for the professor.
I usually got to know many things from you!!
Best of luck

You have a very good experience, I think the application you have given is very good, I fully support your insistence that you are definitely capable of becoming a professor.

All the best @hassanabid. You have great experience. We hope you get selected as Crypto Professor.

it is best that we can as crypto professor , spread the word of steemit in every corner of paksitan , inshahAllah we all steemians will do our best effort to make the awarness about the crypto in pakistan with the support of the steemit blockchain, best of luck my dear brother @hassanabid , there is not doubt in pakistan crypto awarness is very much little and this programe can support in this regards,