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5개월 전

Dear newspaper, today I want to express that in life you have to take advantage of the little moments of happiness, since these times are exhausting due to various things that are happening in the world, such as the Covid-19 pandemic.
Today, Thursday, May 13, 2021, is a day like any other, where I have to stop to go to work, for those who know us, I am Venezuelan eradicated in Peru, I left my beautiful country for reasons that escape my hands , but with what I earn here, I help my family and send money to Venezuela.
On the way to work

I work in a super market, when I arrive the first thing I do is quickly go to the cafeteria to buy a breakfast to start working:
My breakfast in the cafeteria

Around 11 in the morning, I had to go out to take an errand from one of my bosses, who walked for several minutes to the indicated address, on that walk I thought a lot about my family, I miss them too much.
Doing the errand

It is time for lunch, every day I stop at 5 in the morning to prepare it and heat it in the microwave at work, to save money.
My hot lunch

I left my work task today, but I was surprised that there is little transport, I went on foot, remembering those good moments that I have lived with my loved ones, some will think that I am a melancholic fool, but for the who do not know loneliness hits a lot.
Walking home

At night, I get home, stop by a bakery and buy what we know in Venezuela as cachito, that is bread stuffed with ham.
My dinner

After dinner, I sat down to review steemit, and took the opportunity to send all my anecdotes from this beautiful day and share them in my journal.
After this I am already laying down to sleep.
They are loved, with this I close my diary.

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