Blockchain Wallet and Key Security-Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 - Homework Post for Task 9

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Greetings everyone
Today I will be presenting my homework task for prof @dilchamo @sapwood ,Without wasting time I would love to start my work immediately.



How do you store/secure your keys? What are the different forms of Private Key(Examples/Screenshot)? Download & Install TronLink Wallet(Android/iOS/Extension)? How do you store the key(Hint- write it down on a notepad, demonstrate it with examples)? Which form of the key are you comfortable with to handle your TronLink Wallet? Include Screenshots & hide/blur the sensitive information.

How do you store/secure your keys?

Before I start with the main question,I would talk about key in the cryptocurrency blockchain.The key help to know the real owners of the account and it is also help to protect your account from all hackers,That is why the keys are given to individuals separately and do not share with anyone.

From the very first time I created my steemit account,My good friend was able to talk to me on how to keep my keys very safe,Since when I get lost of my keys my account will be very difficult to operate or open and it cannot be get back when missen and even my capitals in wallet can’t be withdraw since I don’t have my keys.

So this is how I intend to to save my keys from getting lost,From the day I created my steemit account I was given some keys which I will be utilizing to operate my account,I first wrote all my password down and later when to print in a hard copies (lamination) I decided to print in three copies and saved them differently one in my books,wardrobes and traveling bag,Besides I sleep alone so it is very for anyone to have access to them.

Also I decided to mail it to myself so it can also be stored in my gmail account,Since the Gmail has been logged on my personal phone I have easy access to them anytime I want to use to operate my account,Sometimes I do give my phone to my friends so I usually sign out my Gmail account to prevent them from getting access,Since they do not know my password it will be very difficult for them to get entry,So I only sign in anytime I want to use them.


What are the different forms of private key(example/screenshot)?

There are three different forms of private key that is private key,mnemonics key and key store files.


This is a type of key which has so many important uses to the users account.With this types of keys it is usually consist of a both numbers and alphabetical letters joined together,So it is very difficult to memorize this type of key.In the steemit account the private key is the most used key it can be used in logging in your account,Logging in your wallet and can be used to place and order,So it is very advisable to key the private key in safe place to prevent them from losting,Without the private key the user cannot access their wallet.



This type of key is also very important to users account,With types of keys it very fast and simple to memorize due to the fact that it is made up of easy word phrases.The mnemonic key is usually consist of 12 words that has been perfectly arranged in column and row,When you try to create a new account on your Tron link wallet you will experience this type of keys,You will be asked to memorize since you would be asked in the next procedure I normally take a screenshot or rewrite in my books.



With this type of key it is not an a example of private key though,But it is usually in a form of file that is jsk which always contains the private key and it always has a high security that is the password before you access it,Also it made of of both numbers and alphabetical letters joined together,Which makes it very difficult to memorize as compared to the mnemonic key,So it is advisable to save them in a cool or safe place to prevent you from misleading them.




Download & Install TronLink Wallet (Android / iOS / Extension)?

  • I will be doing this task on my iOS device,So I first moved to the AppStore and search for the Tron link wallet in the search box.


  • I then open and click on the small blue option to get my app installed.


  • After clicking on the small blue option,I will wait for some minutes for my app to complete the downloading.


  • my wallet has successfully downloaded so I can now open to register.


How do you store the key(Hint- write it down on a notepad, demonstrate it with examples)?

I will be showing how to save my keys in my steps kindly follow.

  • When you open your Tron link wallet there are two option create account or import account,I chose create wallet.


  • After clicking on the create account,I was asked to read through all their agreements before I proceed,After reading through I clicked on accept.


  • I was asked to put any username of my choice and clicked on next step.


  • After clicking on the next step I was instructed to put my own password and clicked on next step again,Make sure your password is made of capital and small letters,Must contain numbers and your password must be at least 8 characters or above.


  • After clicking on next step I was asked to enter my password again and clicked on confirm to proceed.


  • I was given mnemonic phrase,Because I can’t memorize all I decided to take a screenshot,Since I will be ask in my next step to re-enter,I decided to blur due to security purposes.


  • In my next step I was asked to confirm all my mnemonic phrase I was given earlier.


  • After confirming everything,My account was successfully created.


I later wrote all my mnemonic keys and mailed it to my Gmail account.


Which form of the key are you comfortable with to handle your TronLink Wallet? Include Screenshots & hide/blur the sensitive information.


Me personally I am very comfortable with mnemonic key because it is very easy to memorize since it is made of short easy words,I can also easily take a screenshot,Write in my books or mailed it to my Gmail account,Since it very easy to memorize all users must be very careful and keep away from the internet or other users.


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Hello @jelilu67,

Thank you for participating in the #09 Fixed course for Newcomers in the Steemit Crypto Academy.

Your grade on this assignment is as follows:

Presentation/Use of Markdowns1.5/2
Compliance with topic1.5/2
Quality of Analysis1.5/2
Clarity of Language1.5/2

Homework task: 8/10

Feedback and Suggestions :
  • Your effort in this task is appreciated.
  • You have answered well for the first and second questions.
  • You can do more research and add more details to your answers.
  • Overall work is good.



Thanks 🙏