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Good day Steemians! This is my entry for Task 7 of the Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 Beginner's Course on Dex, Cex, Popular Exchanges, and Trading Cryptos. I will be resolving question 3 of the homework task.

3-) Explain in your own words what an Exchange is. Differences between a Wallet and an Exchange. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of DEX and CEX. Have you used an Exchange before? tell us about your experience.

An exchange is an Associate in Nursing open, organized marketplace for commodities, stocks, securities, derivatives, and different monetary instruments. The terms exchange and market area unit are usually used interchangeably, as they each describe the Associate in Nursing atmosphere within which listed merchandise may be listed.

A key operate of Associate in Nursing exchange is to supply honest, economical, and orderly commercialism opportunities by centralizing the shopping for and commercialism of a specific form of plus. rather than dealing directly with exchanges, most traders can use a broker.

Examples of exchanges

Exchanges are set in most countries around the world. they will be a physical location, wherever traders meet to conduct business or AN electronic platform.

Physical Traditionally, AN exchange was a physical location used for mercantilism securities, that operated via AN open outcry or a twin auction system. whereas less common, some exchanges also supply pit mercantilism – as well as the big apple securities market (NYSE) and also the Chicago Board choices Exchange (CBOE).

Electronic In line with the speedy digital transformation of today’s economy, the definition of AN exchange has considerably evolved too. As ancient exchanges began to handle AN increasing quantity of mercantilism flow, most trades began to be placed electronically, off the room. Some samples of strictly digital exchanges are the information system securities market and bitcoin exchanges.

In the cryptocurrency world, an alternate is a place/platform the place humans can alternate cryptocurrencies for different cryptocurrencies or fiat currency. For a trade to characteristic the desires to be the presence of customers of items and marketers of these identical goods. These men and women then swap these objects for one another at a determined rate.

There are currently two types of exchanges:

Virtual/Online Exchanges:
these are online/digital marketplaces. The world we stay in these days is an international village interconnected with the aid of the web which has made items and offerings an awful lot less difficult to get entry to for individuals. Online exchanges leverage on the net to furnish a platform for consumers and retailers to meet truly and alternate their goods. Online exchanges are of two classes:

Physical/Offline Exchanges:

As the title implies, this is a distinctive bodily place the place retailers and customers meet face-to-face to swap their cryptocurrencies. The things to do with shoppers and retailers are normally mediated and facilitated with the aid of a broker. The broking manages interactions and transactions between the customers and the agents to allow faster, extra fluid, and much less fraudulent trading.

Centralized exchanges (CEX):

These are change systems that are constructed with an intermediary/middleman between the customers and sellers. This middleman acts as a central authority over each event and as such they each event is no longer in complete manipulate of their belongings and transactions. Some illustrations are÷

  • Binance
  • Kucoin
  • Coinbase
  • Huobi

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX):

In these exchanges there is no central authority or middleman between shoppers and sellers, hence, customers and agents have interaction and transact immediately with one every another ie a peer-to-peer transaction system. These are greater in line with the typical cryptocurrency imaginative and prescient as they provide customers full authority and manipulation over their assets. Some instances include:

  • Just swap
  • Uniswap
  • Waves Dex
  • Sushiswap

Differences between a Wallet and an Exchange.



A cryptocurrency pocket refers to software that lets an investor shop all their cryptocurrency. On the different hand, a cryptocurrency alternate refers to an internet site or carrier the place one can promote or purchase digital foreign money or convert fiat foreign money into digital currency.

Control over the private key
A cryptocurrency pocket permits full manipulation over your key. On the different hand, a cryptocurrency change does now not enable full get admission to your key.

Other features
Cryptocurrency wallets do no longer provide aspects such as selling, shopping for, or trading. On the different hand, exchanges additionally provide selling, shopping for, and trading.

Refers to a programthat allows an investorsto secure all theirCryptocurrencyRefers to a website or service where one can sell and buy digital currency or convert flat currency into digital currency
Allow full control over your private keyDoes not allow full access over your posting key
Do not offer features such as selling, buying or tradingOffer cryto selling, buying and trading

Summary wallet and exchange

A cryptocurrency pocket refers to an application that permits an investor to keep all their cryptocurrency. On the different hand, a cryptocurrency trade refers to an internet site or provider the place one can promote or purchase digital foreign money or convert fiat foreign money into digital currency. Whether you determine to save your Bitcoin on an alternate or in a pocket is in basic terms a non-public choice. However, storing your digital forex on a change should see you lose all your digital forex if the alternate is hacked or if the proprietors traded the foreign money and ran off. Also, storing your digital foreign money will have you dealing with problems such as backing up, securing, and managing your wallet. Before opting for pockets vs. exchange, usually consider the risks.

Mention the advantages and disadvantages of DEX and CEX.

Advantages of CEX

  • One can contact the central authority for any errors made, like dropping one's keys, or transferring property to the incorrect account.

  • There is a governing authority to mitigate danger and make certain seamless transactions between users.

  • One can contact the central authority for any errors made, like dropping one's keys, or transferring belongings to the incorrect account.

  • With some CEXs, customers can additionally alternate their fiat foreign money for cryptocurrencies.

  • CEXs include everyday foreign exchange buying and selling points like the take profit, cease loss, trailing quit loss, market and restrict orders, and so on

Disadvantages of CEX

  • Users are no longer in complete management of their assets and can have their property seized or withheld due to the change regulations.
  • The central authority without a doubt defeats the entire motive of cryptocurrency i.e. decentralization
  • Users typically have to provide a way their actual world identity, as a result, privateness is reduced.
  • Transaction prices are normally plenty greater in CEXs than in DEXs.

Advantages of DEX

  • Due to the decentralization, hackers can't reap get admission to a central server, this makes it greater secure.
  • Any mistakes rendered on a DEX can't be nullified.
  • There is usually a poor trading percentage and liquidity on DEXs.
  • One cannot make the intention of fiat currency investment cryptocurrency, as most DEXs are crypto-crypto exchanges.

Disadvantages of DEX

  • One has to take whole duty for their assets, as there is no central authority to do that.
  • The consumer interface of DEXs is commonly extra complex and is now not generally attractive to users.
  • One can't make use of fiat foreign money to buy cryptocurrency, as most DEXs are crypto-crypto exchanges.
  • Any mistakes rendered on a DEX cannot be invalidated.

Exchange Experience

The first exchange I utilized when beginning with crypto was Binance, and to date, it is my most-used trade because it is one of the decent exchanges out there currently. My friend @ruggedangel was the one who inaugurated me to the Binance trade and I began using it to trade cryptocurrencies, though as a student.

The Binance trade has a lot of cool characteristics, like staking and grid trading but primarily I just do place and prospects trading with it and use it to obtain and deliver cryptocurrencies.


Trades are a very valuable part of cryptocurrency trading, and the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. I have embellished some of the explanations why, and some of the variations between samples of exchanges.

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Feedback and Suggestions :
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