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Hi @makm,

Unfortunately, your article has been found guilty of plagiarism. You directly copied, translated and pasted the following content in your article;

Original content:

Copied content

Original content

Copied content

Plagiarising another participant's work then translating it to post as your own is prohibited on Steemit Crypto Academy.

Homework: 0



profesor de verda mil disculpa es que me ayudaba mi primo no pense que se estaba plagiando .. no volvera a pasar puedo editar?


This content appears to be plagiarised as indicated by @asaj

If you have not already done so, you should head to the newcomers community and complete the newcomer achievement programme. Not only will you earn money through upvotes, you will learn about content etiquette;

Since the Steem Blockchain is rewarding your post by producing original content that is from your brain, you are recommended to give citation or source to any of your content that consists of others' works.

Notification to community administrators and moderators:

@steemcurator01 ADMIN
@sapwood MOD Professor[Advanced]
@steemcurator02 MOD