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What is TronLink and what is Tronscan? What are its uses? How do you verify a transaction status(including timestamp, resource consumption(bandwidth & energy), nos of confirmations) using Tronscan-- Examples, Screenshot? What are the different dApps can you explore using the TronLink wallet? Make a transaction(a micro-transaction) with Justswap or JustLend using TronLink wallet? Screenshot?

Much appreciation to professor @sapwood for such a profound lecture always looking forward to reading more of your interesting posts, with the inception of cryptocurrency the use of wallets are very important as they are important means for securing our crypto assets thanks for decentralization that gives user monopoly over the usage of their crypto-based wallet in other to keep our crypto assets safe we need to as well keep our phrase keys secure out of reach.

What is TronLink and what is Tronscan? What are its uses?

TronLink is an official wallet in the tron blockchain that host multiple dapps used for basic interaction in the Tron blockchain it serves as a link for users to easily have access to multiple decentralized application all in one place TronLink has different versions of applications that come in browser extensions like chrome, firefox and brave browsers it can also be accessed on mobile apps both on IOS and Android play store.

Decentralized protocols like JustSwap, SUN, and JustLend, and more, these listed decentralized apps can be linked and accessed directly on the TronLink wallet.

Therefore in general from the above explanation, we can see that the TronLink is a wallet-based on Tron blockchain, that allows users to have access to different/various decentralized applications and also allow users to conduct transactions such as sending/receiving TRC20/TRC10 token-based tron blockchain.

Uses of TronLink

  • TronLink serves as a link to decentralized protocol platform; directly from the TronLink app when a user connects their TronLink wallet with a decentralized platform like JustSwap such user can be able to swap different TRC20 based tokens without stress there are also multiple decentralized apps which can be accessed directly from TronLink wallet application.

  • For transaction purposes; with TronLink wallet, users can send and, receive TRC20/TRC10 token

  • Storage of assets; a user can securely store all their tron based tokens on the TronLink wallet app.

  • For investment purposes; with TronLink wallet a user can freeze, vote, provide liquidity on pools these are passive ways for generating interest using TronLink wallet.

What is TronScan

TronScan is an important tool in the tron blockchain that helps users to have access and stay updated with all transactions activities conducted on the tron blockchain.

It serves as a search engine that tracks every block activity like transaction hash, numbers of transactions in a block, value locked up in a particular token view of the transaction stamp and time, checking the validity of any transaction carried out with tron blockchain.

Uses of TronScan

  • Ranking and evaluation; TronScan gives a detailed summary of total value locked up in Tron blockchain it allows investors to be able to choose which asset or project has a good performance based on total value locked and ranking.

  • Transaction validity; from TronScan a user can check if a transaction is valid, what time and date a transaction is processed, and confirmed it can also be used to search address and valid transaction hash.

  • Use to build trust and transparency; with TronScan users trust is developed whereby all processed transactions can be viewed and accessed by users it also builds transparency between parties on completed transactions.

  • It can also be used to see wallet balance, what is the total cost incurred in carrying out a transaction on the chain.

How do you verify a transaction status(including timestamp, resource consumption(bandwidth & energy), nos of confirmations) using Tronscan-- Examples, Screenshot?

From TronScan official website TronScan website a user can verify the validity of a transaction by checking if such transaction has been successful using the transaction hash.

Below is an example showing a screenshot of a completed/successful transaction.

To check or verify this a user needs to copy + paste the transaction hash on the TronScan search bar.

And search for the result below is a searched transaction using a hash from TronScan shown below.

  • Step one get a valid transaction hash.

  • Step two copy + paste the hash transaction on TronScan web explorer and search.


Hash used

  • Below is the search results for transaction hash.



The above screenshot shows a typical example of a transaction with the transaction fee, consumed energy, consumed bandwidth, timestamp, block, and owner address.

What are the different dApps can you explore using the TronLink wallet?

As stated above TronLink wallet allow users to access and interact with multiple decentralized financial application directly from the wallet app, a list of applications that can be accessed from the TronLink wallet are JustSwap, SUN, JustLend, Poloniex Dex, TronTrade, and more.

The below screenshot shows some Dapps that can be accessed using the TronLink wallet.


Make a transaction(a micro-transaction) with Justswap or JustLend using TronLink wallet? Screenshot?

I will perform a microtransaction using JustSwap the below steps are followed.

  • Step one from the TronLink wallet access the JustSwap application which has been automatically connected to the TronLink wallet by clicking on the icon shown on the below screenshot.


  • Step two I have 28TRX which I will be swapping with WBTT.
    I filled a total of 10 TRX which will swap to 297.92 WBTT, next is to click on Instant Swap to complete my order.


  • Step three I will confirm the transaction by clicking on Confirm below shows the exchange rate, fee, amount of WBTT to be received.


  • Step four I will input my TronLink password once imputed the transaction will be completed.


  • Below shows proof of my completed transaction with a screenshot.


here is the transaction hash 789aa4c7651dc08177fafe9a4a5a0a0eb05bfcf4aae278f34aa786cb4de7a3dc


Tron ecosystem offered users multiple investment opportunities which can all be accessed from a single interface (Tronlink) with these features users can perform multiple tasks on the TronLink wallet which includes making TRC20 transactions, trading, voting, freezing of assets to generate profit.

TronScan is an explorer that tracks every transaction conducted on the Tron blockchain it helps build trust and transparency among users.

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