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Hellow friends, My name is Kabir and I am a student. Today I took to What is SEO?
Let's Start:
SEO- Search Engine Optimization is one of the major components of the Digital Sales and Marketing Department. In simple terms SEO is the marketing of online based websites or businesses in Google or other search engines.

As it is easy to learn, many newcomers want to start their online career with it. If you know the job and want to do something then there is an opportunity to do your own business in this sector besides freelancing.

This is exactly the kind of potential sector

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Sales and Marketing ”

Sales are the main driving force of any business,

SEO is the marketing of any online based business or website in various search engines including Google through which it is possible to bring huge amount of sales for free. Here are some simple marketing techniques.
Since it can bring free powerful sales from search engines through this, and so if you want to promote on the internet, you have to do SEO of any company.

This is why SEO is so important. Because long term business online is not possible without SEO.


In a word, SEO is a technique to promote a website in various search engines including Google.


There are two main types of search engine optimization or SEO -

  1. On-page (which is done within the site, such as title tags, content, keywords, etc. to be relevant)
  2. Off page (which is done outside the site like blog, forum posting)

Paid search engine optimization:

If you do a Google search, you will sometimes find some links in different colors (usually light brown) to the right or top of the search results (corresponding to the word you searched for). Google has to pay for these paid links. This type of optimization is called Paid SEO.

Organic search engine optimization:

The links that are usually displayed on the Serch Result page mean that Google does not highlight them with any special color. These are organic links. This type of optimization is called Organic SEO.

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