Goals for staying fit.

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When it comes to fitness, one thing to really be concerned about is your goals and how to go about them. For example , in a scale of 2 our of 5, what will you say are your fitness goals.

  • To be flexible?
  • To be slim ?
  • To loose weight ?
  • To be strong ?
  • To be shaped like a model?
  • To vet much muscle mass ?

Well, we can go on and on.

The fact remains that it is important to identify your goal. Once you know that, then you can think of how to achieve them.

Let's say generally, overweight people want to be in shape. That is very important. Nobody likes this pot belly and love handles . And nobody likes "matter" - something that has weight and occupy space. Likely you to, if affected do not like the way you appear. I believe that is the beginning of solving the problem. But it is not the solution. Let me give you two reasons.

Hating how you look will make you want results overnight.

Reasonably, to hate how one look can spur a person to wanting to change the situation and most of the times lead him to take some healthy actions . However, this doesn't work for everybody. While the deterministic and positive ones may thrive , those who are judgmental will result to self blame and that is dangerous. It will work the opposite of the goal. Instead of inspiring determination, it becomes a morale killer.

On another instance, it may lead to impatient - Where people want results so fast. As they desire quick result and it is not forthcoming, then their desire to workout may slow down and they can stop altogether.

Maybe, you likely have heard when people result to "nature acceptable." When, they will tell you : " I have done all manner of exercise , but it is not just working out. I am made to be fat.". Granted, there are different body shapes and physiques, yet all of them are supposed to appear attractive in it's way. No excess fat deposit is designed to be that way , it is a sickness that needs to be cured.

Another issue to hating oneself is that it encourages a negative spirit.

As I have noted above, people do not thrive well in negativity.
They are better when positive.

In that case, how can one infuse the positive spirit in himself when it is a goal to work out? Here are few tips :

1: Set realistic goals.

For example, if you are obese and you are not happy with your appearance. You can set a realistic goal of being free and a bit flexible. You may notice that with little bit off exercise, you may start seeing results almost immediately. You may move easily more than the way you used to and much more. As the time passes, if you can still focus on just being flexible, you may not know when you will start burning serious fat. The idea is to enjoy what is easily achievable and that will give you more impetus to carry on and sustain your goal.

2: Be consistent.

Of course we already know this one. What it means and why it is necessary. But what should spur us on? Our daily success. Let's say you want to take a walk. Just do it. Do not procrastinate. When you are able to achieve something on a scheduled day in which you plan an activity, You will be glad you did and the happiness will keep you on and going .

There is more.. but let's keep it to next time.


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