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Greetings Prof. @yohan2on. I have read your whole lecture about topic Blockchain technology in Healthcare Industry and now I am doing the homework task given by you.


Research and Discuss the potential applications of Blockchain in the Health care industry.

As we know already that, the blockchain technology has became much large technology in the current world . This Technology always gige new advances and it has achieved many important events around the world and it is showing the potential that it is seeming, that It will not stop in future but increase more to surprise us more. Since the blockchain has advanced much, so now, I will now discuss about some of the potential applications of Blockchain that are available in the healthcare sector and the challenges that are facing the industry.

Uses of Blockchain technology in Healthcare sector


Basically, the major challenge which across the healthcare sector is the supply chain transparency, as in many others,, provenance of medical goods is ensuring to confirm the authenticity. A system based on blockchain is used to track items from the manufacturing point and through the supply chain at each stage enables customers to have full visibility and transparency of the goods that they are buying.


This is one of healthcare fields that can benefit from blockchain’s immutability, auditability and transparency of data stored on it are the Health Insurance claims. When there is a time of Healthcare insurance claim, processing is an important area where there is potentials in blockchain. The prototypes are very limited. The M.I.Store, which is a blockchain based medical insurance system which provides medical insurance industry with with immutably stored and encrypted medical insurance data.


The blockchain based systems are provided by many companies for e.g. Curisium where various players in the sector of Health such as OEMs and Healthcare providers who can authenticate the identity of themselves as organizations and also track transaction of goods & services and payment settlement details for those goods. Due to having the digital contracts shared between manufacturers, healthcare organisations and distributors logged on a blockchain ledger, each and every player can significantly reduce disputes over payment chargeback claims for medicines and other different goods. The shared smart contracts can be used similarly to manage the medical insurance contracts for patients.


The real-time tracking of pandemics can be helped by smart contracts which are built on the blockchain protocol. Sources of Information which involves the identity of an individual remains private. On the other hand the other details which involve the patterns and other necessary parameters are disclosed for authenticity of the records. There is also a a high rate of theft as the proliferation of DNA is sequencing from the different companies. So, the use of blockchain marketplace as a meeting point of the scientists and also the sellers may take away the pressure which is caused by syatem's different factors.


One of the biggest trend in the digital health The adoption of remote monitoring solutions where the vital signs of all kinds of sensor measuring patients are used to give help to healthcare practitioners more visibility to health of the patients which enables more proactive and preventative care. But there is some issue of security and privacy in the IOt healthcare system. It is also crucial that supporting systems are very resilient to attacks disrupting service.


If we want to transform healthcare, the focus should be attributed to the management of health data and all this could be improved from the potential for connecting heterogeneous systems & by increasing the accuracy of Electronic Health Records. The EMRs and EHRs can be used interchangeablyy. Ehr and Emr are not same. There is some Difference between EHR and EMR. EMRs is a digital version of the papers chart in clinician and It contains the treatment and medical history of the patients in one practice whereas EHR focus on the total health of the patient.

Due to the process of obsolete documentation which is seen in numerous paper work, preservation of data manually, cost of handling documents, the process of handling has been cumbersome with incessant loss of data many handling factors. The accessibility of medical advancements of these types is a reoccurring issue which may be used to promote reporting & onward clinical researches.

Challenges and Solutions

  1. There is a transparency in the transaction done by blockchain Technology. So there can sometimes an issue related to data privacy comes into existence. Hence, there must a need to providers to ensure that the health related information of the patients is safe and secured.

  2. It is necessary that the patients can assess their medical records easily and so they can show them to any of the medical expert. This is also beneficial as it is difficult to share the reports among physicians in different places due to the storing of records in centralised IT systems. This issue can be resolved by making the sharing of records interoperable by using of permissioned healthcare blockchains.

  3. Once a data is entered in the blockchain, it cannot be deleted or changed so we must not enter those data in the blockchain especially the big sized files which may be adjusted.

Companies That Use Blockchain Technology



The company of Health management named HECOD was founded in 2019 by Anand Mishra and Vamshi Bodla. It is located in Delhi, India and it is invested by Supreme Incubator. It is founded so that the health recoed of each and every person can be managed.

Pen and papers which are used to maintain health records in today's time. The citizens' reports are too hard to handle as there are many documents. If these records and reports are combined in a blockchain, users can able to access these blocks from anywhere in the world and it become easy to maintain records of individuals.

The company HECOD, organise the health record of each and every citizen and easily share those data with other providers when any person visits for his/her treatment. The platform is highly secured by the blockchain technology. This company also provide consumer health application and the electronic health record for ease of people. This also helps doctors to access modern technologies and online prescriptions along with the blockchain technology.



Medicalchain is another healthcare industry which is located in London, England. The Medicalchain's blockchain technology maintains integrity of health records at the time of establishing a single point of truth.

2018 was the year when the release of most popular telemedicine platform was announced. The has enabled the tech facility by means of which the patients can consult with their doctors by means of video conferencing and can pay medtokens for those consultations.

One of the application of medical chain is that the blockchain based platform of Medicalchain maintains a record of origin and and it protects the identity of patient... The hospitals can request information of the patients which has a record of origin and protects the identity of patients from any unauthorized outside source.


In the Healthcare sector the blockchain technology has got so much improvement. There are many of the benefits of blockchain technology which makes the life of patients easy. But some of limitations are also there such as security related issues to make the system safe and protected.

I have got to know much information about Blockchain technology in Healthcare and this lecture has proved much beneficial for me. Thanks to professor @yohan2on for making this insightful and wonderful lecture.

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