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Hello and welcome fellow steemians to my post. I am good and healthy and I hope so that you all are also good. Today I am posting again in @cryptoacademy. I hope that you all will like it and give some of your precious time to give it a read.

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I have read the assignment given by Professor @sapwood and tried my best to produce the best homework I can. He demonstrated all the aspects of the SP, SBD, and Steemit platform very effectively and also describe the uses and purpose of the club5050 tag. So let's get started,


Question 1

What is STU? What is the break-up of STU? Take a real example to indicate the STU and calculate the different rewards that Author and Curators generated from your last Post Payout? (Screenshot required)



STU is a short form of Steem Token Unit. Don't misunderstand it with any special token, it is just a term used by developers to describe the payout on steemit platform which is either in the form of Steem, SBD, and SP or SBD and SP.

As concerned with the Dollar ($) sign it does not represent the payout in dollars but it is due to the system on which the reward system is developed. In Steem blockchain, 1 SBD is equal to 1$ but right now 1 SBD is trading for 8.87$ USD which is too much and this will result in effecting the Author/Curator reward system.


Break-Up Of STU:

Break-up of steem token unit is the split of payout between author and curator which is 50% for the author of post and 50% curators.

On the author's hand, 50% post payout is further split into 25% SBD and 25% SP which is the default setting but the author has also two other choices which can be set in the advance settings of the post. There are total of three types of setting the author can set for himself.

  • 50% SBD / 50% SP

  • Power Up 100%

  • Decline payout

  • In 50% SBD/ 50% SP, the payout is divided into 25% SBD/25%SP from the author's 50% and the curator gets 50% reward in SP.

  • In power Up 100% whole 50% author reward is collected in SP form.

  • Decline payout means that author is not intended to take any reward.

As an example, I have taken my last payout of the post and as an author, it is set on a 50% SBD/ 50% SP reward system which is by default set.


Screenshot taken from my Steemit post

  • Post payout: $44.46
  • Author Rewards: $22.27
  • Curator Rewards: $22.20

In order to find the order of reward in STU, I checked SBD print rate.


Screenshot taken from Steemdb.io

SBD print rate is 100% which means that the reward is going to be 50% SBD/ 50% SP. So, the author's payout can be calculated as,

**Author Reward**:

Author Rewards (50% of STU) = $22.27

According to setting 50% SBD and 50% SP,

Author will get $22.27 / 2 = 11.13 SBDs.

Similarly, it should be $22.27 / 2 = 11.13 SP.

But it is not like that.

This is 11.13 USD worth of Steem. At the payout time, the Steem price was $0.573.
So 11.13 USD = 11.13/0.573 = 19.46 SP.

So the author got 11.13 SBDs and 19.46 SP.


Screenshot taken from My Wallet

Curator Reward:

Curators Reward (50% of STU) = $22.27

This $22.27 is 22.27 USD worth of Steem. At the payout time, Steem price was $0.573 so,

Curator got 22.27/ 0.573 = 38.90 SP.

So the Author and curator reward is given as,
Author Reward: 11.13 SBDs / 19.46 SP
Curator Reward: 38.90 SP

These rewards attain when the SBD print rate is 100%. If the SBD print rate is less than 100% then all the rewards can be given to the Debt. ratio specified on steemit platform.


Question 2

Indicate the Raw reputation score of your Steem Account and calculate your Reputation? Cross-check it with the Reputation score displayed in Steemworld.org?


Reputation is the reliability of any user on steemit account and it also helps to determine the worth of the account that how much this user gave on this platform. It is increased by the number of upvotes and decreased by a number of downvotes depending on if the downvoted has a greater or less reputation than my reputation.

My Raw reputation score is 36,769,481,556,714


Screenshot taken from steemd.com/@moohsin

To now calculate my Reputation with my Raw reputation score, I will use the formula

Reputation = (Log10(Raw Reputation Score)-9) * 9)+25

Reputation = ((Log10(36,769,481,556,714)-9)9)+25

Reputation = ((13.5654 - 9)9) + 25

Reputation = (41.088) +25

Reputation = 41.088 + 25

Reputation = 66.088


Screenshot taken from steemworld.org


Question 3

What percentage(of the Post Payout) was generated as liquid rewards(SBD) from your last Post in terms of USD equivalent? Explain how the rise of SBD has shifted the supply dynamics? As per your last post payout calculate the ratio of Author: Curator Reward in terms of USD equivalent?


If I look into the last post payout on my account which is same as I given the example in question 1.


Screenshot taken from my Steemit post

Post payout = $44.46

Author Reward = $22.27

Author SBDs = 11.13 => 75.01 USD ( 1 SBD = 6.74 USD)

Author SP = 19.46 => 11.1 USD (1 Steem = 0.573 USD)

Total Author Rewards in USD = 75.01 + 11.1 = 86.16

Total liquid Rewards percentage = ( 75.01 / 86.16 ) * 100 = 87.05%

Curator Reward = $22.20

Curator SP = 38.74 SP => 22.20 USD ( 1 Steem = 0.573 USD )

Total Curators Reward in USD = 22.20$

Total payout in USD = 86.16 + 22.20 = 108.36$

Author's share in total rewards (86.16 usd) = (86.16 / 108.36 ) * 100 = 79.51 %

Curators' share in total rewards (108.36 usd) = (22.20 / 108.36 ) * 100=20.4 %

All the above calculations are given below in tabular form,
SnSTUSBDSPSBD($)SP($)ActualTotal value($)
Post payout44.46
Authors payout22.2711.1319.4675.0111.1186.16
Curators payout22.20-38.74-22.2022.20

As you can see that the total liquid rewards of 11.13 SBD is making up to 75.01$ in USD which is 69% of total reward 108.36$ USD i.e, (75.01/108.36) x 100 = 69%. But we have been told that author got liquid reward in 25% SBD and 25% SP value but instead of 25% SBD we get 69% of liquid reward which means that author is getting heavy profits.

On the criteria through which we are getting the reward i.e 50% author and 50% curator's is not followed here. Instead of it, Author got the 80% of all reward and curator only get 20% of all the reward.

The rise in the price of SBD shifts the dynamic in the favour of author. In steem blockchain, it is defined as 1 SBD is equal to 1 USD if that remains so the reward can be distributed by 50:50 ratio. Otherwise, as seen in the above calculations when SBD is $6.74 USD, this situation completely favours the author position.

Author's share in total rewards (86.16 usd) = (86.16 / 108.36 ) * 100 = 79.51 %

Curators' share in total rewards (108.36 usd) = (22.20 / 108.36 ) * 100=20.4 %

From the calculations we got to know that I have gained 80% of all the reward from my last payout and curator only got 20% which is 80:20 ratio and exactly defines the current position of steem that the supply of Steem is increased but the demand is still less which results in the fall of steem value.


Question 4

Explain how & why an initiative like #club5050 can shift the demand/supply dynamics in favor of STEEM?


As we discussed earlier that in current situation of market where 1 SBD is traded at more than 7 USD which results in the increase of author's reward and due to which more steem is surely getting out from the market and increases the supply of steem and demand is still very less. This forms some problems, first, due to the excess of supply the value of steem is falling or facing difficulties to get increased.

The #club5050 initiative is a good one towards that direction. Its objective is to encourage as many users as possible to save more and invest their future in steem.There's no harm for me in that because powered up rewards are still mine only in the shape of staked rewards. In #club5050, users are encouraged to power up at least 50% of their liquid rewards. It could be more than 50% and up to 100%.

If the value of steem increased and the value of supply and demand balanced then we all will get more curation easily and reward pool have so much to give us in the future.


Question 5

Consider a user having a reputation lower than you, upvotes your Post-- Does it affect the Payout and increase the Rep? If the same user goes for a downvote, does that affect your Payout and Reputation both? Explain Why & How; with Examples?


Upvote gets us reward but also increase our reputation. Similarly, downvote decrease the reward and also decrease our reputation subjected to some limitations.

  • If a user upvotes me with a reputation lower than mine which is moohsin(66) then it will generate reward and also increase my reputation.

  • If a user downvote my post but he has lower reputation than mine, it will remove my reward but it does not effect my reputation.

  • The user with negative reputation cannot effect the users reputation in any case.

For example, if steemcurator01(62) upvotes my post then it will increase my reward and reputation with respect to the weightage of his vote.


Screenshot taken from steemworld.org

But if steemcurator01(62) downvotes my post then it will take back my reward but will not effect the reputation as moohsin(66) have more reputation than steemcurator01(62).



This lecture is no doubt very useful because through this lecture I can able to know more about steemit platform and also many insides of it. I also understand the purpose of club5050 initiative that it will help in growing steem value and author can get better rewards through it.

I also learnt about voting rules and how upvotes and downvotes effect my reputation. In addition, I also got to know that how the reward is divided between author and curator and after the increase of price of SBD it heavily affects curator's reward.

I like to thank Professor @sapwood for this amazing lecture and also thank @cryptoacademy for these knowledgeful courses.

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Do not use the #club5050 tag unless you have made power-ups in the last 7 days that are equal or greater than any amount you have cashed out.

Dear @mooshin. Thanks for attending the Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 Week 7. Let's take a look at the breakdown of your performance below.

Grading Basis Score
Content Structure 0.5/1.5
Originality 2/2
Clarity of Language 1/2
Compliance with the Topic 1.5/1.5
Quality of Analysis 1/2
#club5050 0/1
Total 6/10


  • Nice work done on this.

Similarly, it should be $22.27 / 2 = 11.13 SP.

Be specific. 11.13 USD worth of SP.

This is 11.13 USD worth of Steem. At the payout time, the Steem price was $0.573.
So 11.13 USD = 11.13/0.573 = 19.46 SP.

It is important that you give the source of the price of Steem. And according to that expression. It is 19.42 SP which means there is an error with the price given.

This $22.27 is 22.27 USD worth of Steem. At the payout time, Steem price was $0.573 so,

Wrong. According to the screenshot, the curators payout is $22.20. Which means their SP would be 38.74 SP.

Total liquid Rewards percentage = ( 75.01 / 86.16 ) * 100 = 87.05%

Wrong. The total rewards equals 75.01 + 11.13 + 22.02 = 108.16.

Therefore, Percentage liquid rewards is (75.01/108.16)X100 = 69.35%. Be specific in each part of the task. I realized you gave the right expression as you proceed, you could have made the expression above; Percentage of authors liquid reward. Kindly take note.

  • Your answers in question 4 and 5 lacks in-depth analysis.

  • There are a few approximation errors in your calculations and try to proofread your articles a couple of times before publishing.

  • Please do not use the tag #club5050 again if you have not powered up at least 50% of your rewards in the last 7 days.

Total| 6/10