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First of all, I would like to make a brief introduction about myself. I'm Dileep Hemal, also known as @reddileep on Steemit and other online platforms. Currently, I'm working as an Aeronautical Engineer in Srilanka Airforce. I have also worked on a variety of online platforms since 2012 and have been in the cryptocurrency field since 2018.

Ever since I joined the crypto academy through Steemit, I have been very interested in working as a Crypto Professor here and I have shown great talent in Season 3 to qualify for it. Below I've listed those special skills and qualifications separately.

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  • As I was soo much interested in Crypto Field, I found this amazing Steemit Platform as a result of my research. Then I analyzed all the information about the cryptocurrencies used in this Steemit platform and the relevant blockchain.

  • So I was able to successfully complete all the achievements tasks with high ratings in the Newcomers' Community. And also, I could build up my Steemit account reputation from 25 to 61 within 5 months without any fraudulent action.

  • Now I am working as a Greeter Fairy in the Newcomers' Community to guide every newcomer in the correct path. And also, I've guided a lot of members to the Steemit Crypto Academy Community.

Below I've attached a screenshot of my Steemit account Status through



  • As I described earlier, I have more than 3 Years of experience in the Crypto Field and I've practiced with more than 40 indicators including Fibonacci Retracement, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Oscillator and other Moving Averages. Actually, I've proven my experience with these indicators through my homework posts.

Below I've included some of the Technical Analysis Charts that I used for my homework posts
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  • Actually, I still trade in the cryptocurrency field and do more than ten trades per week at a winning rate of over 90%. And also, I have used popular exchanges for my day to day tradings including Binance, Probit and Bittrex

Below I've attached a screenshot of my Binance Futures Trading Transaction History for the previous Week.


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  • Managing a Crypto Portfolio is very important to accurately and systematically identify our profits and losses. So, I am also managing my Crypto Portfolio with my favourite coins. In fact, in April 2020, I was able to buy 1.5 ETH coins for as little as 133 dollars. Even though I now have a profit of over $ 3000, I hope to keep it for a long time and then invest in Steem coin.

Below I've attached a screenshot of my coingecko Crypto Portfolio.


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I think I am qualified enough to be a Crypto Professor at Crypto Academy Season 4. Below I've outlined the reasons for them separately.

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  • As I mentioned earlier, I have over 3 years of experience in the Crypto Field as a successful trader. Therefore, I have enough knowledge to create essential lessons for my students through my experience. And also, I can identify the weaknesses of each user and encourage them to take the right path. So, as a crypto professor, I have full confidence that I can do a great service to the Steemit Crypto Academy.

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  • My career as an Aeronautical Engineer has been going on for over 8 years and now I am able to spend more time freely. So, I've been able to spend a lot of time on Steemit already. Therefore, I have the ability to devote more time to my students at the Crypto Academy for checking and grading their homework posts within 24 hours after submission.

Talents shown in the Steemit Crypto Academy.png

  • My experience with Crypto World has enabled me to show exceptional talent in the Crypto Academy. Actually, I was able to be the Season Superstar in Season 3 Beginner tier with a consolidated score of 132.30.

Below I've attached screenshots of Data visualisation by @sapwood.



  • Above you can see I've been graded with 10/10 marks for 5 Homework Posts and I was able to get on the "Top 3 Posts of the week" 5 times out of 15 posts. From the beginning of Season 3, I want to be the Season Super Star and I had to select Beginners Level Homeworks Posts as my Steemit Account Reputation was Below 55. However, I have been able to increase my Reputation from 54 to 61 as a result of my dedication to the Steemit Crypto Academy Season 3.

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  • I have the ability to organize and design all of my Crypto Lesson posts well. Actually, Even in my Professional Career, I have a lot of experience to produce detailed reports in an attractive and well readable manner. I can prove it using my Homework Posts and even received a lot of praise from the professors at Steamit Crypto Academy.

  • In addition, I have a good knowledge of graphic designing and hope to use it to improve the quality of my lessons.

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An overview of the topics I expect to cover in a 5-week sample course.png

As so many new students coming in for Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4, I hope to teach them about the field of cryptocurrency using very simple and clear examples from the beginning. I also hope to include a practical part in each of my lessons to know the understanding of my students.

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For a start, I will teach my students what cryptocurrency is and how we deal with cryptocurrency. So, every newcomer to the Steemit Crypto Academy Season 4 can get a basic knowledge of Crypto Currencies and Crypto trading. Below I have listed the sub-topics that I hope to cover in the first week.

  • What is Cryptocurrency? (Basic knowledge and the world's first cryptocurrency)

  • What are the types of Cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoins, Altcoins, and Tokens)

  • What is Trading? (The basic idea of Trading, Platforms and Trading Pairs )

  • What are the Basic Tools for Trading? (Essential Platforms for Trading, Technical Analysis Tools)

  • Practical : Create an account in any desired Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. (Only Sign Up process in any Centralized or Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange)

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Better knowledge of Technical Analysis is essential for investing in cryptocurrencies. So if we invest in cryptocurrency without a good knowledge about it, we may lose even our entire investment. Therefore, I expect to provide adequate knowledge about Technical Analysis and its Importance in my 2nd Week lesson. Below I have listed the sub-topics that I hope to cover in the second week.

  • What is Technical Analysis? (Basic Idea of Technical Analysis as the beginning of the lesson)

  • What Is the Importance of Technical Analysis? (Psychology behind Technical Analysis, Trend Analysis, Study past Market behaviour and Identify Future Market behaviour)

  • Identify Charts. (Basic Chart Patterns, Support Lines and Resistance Lines)

  • Understanding Candlesticks and Candlestick Chart Patterns (Bullish and Bearish Candlestick Elements, Bullish Engulfing Pattern and Bearish Engulfing Pattern)

  • Practical : Create an account in and identify the Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Pattern using any Cryptocurrency pair. (Steps to create an account in the TradingView platform and highlight the Bullish and Bearish Engulfing candlestick Patterns properly)

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This is a very essential lesson for every student in the Steemit Crypto Academy. Actually, the Cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile market due to the rapid buying and selling that takes place. Therefore, getting to market on time and leaving the market at the right time is very important in determining our profits and losses. So, in my 3rd lesson, I expect to provide an essential lesson regarding Cryptocurrency Market behaviour including practicals. Below I have listed the sub-topics that I hope to cover in the 3rd week.

  • Introduction to Market Behaviour. (Identify Market Trends - Bullish / Bearish)

  • Identify Trend Reversal points in the Market (Identify Support Lines and Resistance Lines using charts)

  • Identify Entry Point to the Market and Exit point from the market using indicators (Identify Entry or Exit Point using MACD Trend indicator)

  • Practical : Apply the MACD indicator to the chart using any Cryptocurrency pair and identify the Entry point and Exit Point (Steps to apply the indicator to the chart and highlight Entry or Exit Point)

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Technical analysis is a wide-ranging topic in cryptocurrency trading. There are many Indicators and Strategies for analyzing our charts with a high percentage of success rate. So, we need to identify the right methods and practice them well to increase our success rate. Therefore, in my 4th lesson, I expect to explain more about Technical Analysis with practicals. Below I have listed the sub-topics that I hope to cover in the 4th week.

  • Identify Trend lines. (Identify the trend through charts, Uptrends and Downtrends)

  • Draw trend lines that detect Uptrends and Downtrends in a chart using any currency pair. (Steps to draw Trendlines using TradingView Platform)

  • What is Moving Average? (Moving Average Definition, Types of moving Averages and Formulas)

  • How to add Moving Average to the chart. (Steps to apply Moving Averages using TradingView Platform and Customize it according to our needs.)

  • Practical : Apply the 2 types of Moving Averages to the chart using any Cryptocurrency pair and Show instances where Moving Averages have worked as Support zones and Resistance zones (Steps to apply Moving Average to the chart and highlight Support zones and Resistance zones according to the indicator)

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At present, every Beginner and Professional trader uses various types of indicators to improve their winning rate in the market. Therefore, in my 5th lesson, I expect to explain and demonstrate some of the essential indicators and their uses. Below I have listed the sub-topics that I hope to cover in the 5th week.

  • Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy (Introduction to the Bollinger Bands indicator and their uses)

  • Relative Strength Index Trading Strategy (RSI) (Introduction to the Relative Strength Index indicator and their uses)

  • Stochastic Oscillator Trading Strategy (Introduction to the Stochastic Oscillator and their uses)

  • Practical : Apply the 2 types of above-explained Indicators to the chart using any Cryptocurrency pair and Show instances where the entry points and Target Points. (Steps to apply two types of desired indicators to the chart and highlight entry point and target points according to the indicator)

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links to the three best crypto-related posts that I've made on Steemit Crypto Academy.png

Below I've included links to the three best crypto-related posts which I've scored 10/10 in Steemit Crypto Aacademy.

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This is all about my qualifications to be a Crypto Professor in Steemit Crypto Academy. This is one of my Targets in the Steemit platform and I hope to do my best in the Steemit Crypto Academy whether I can become a professor or not.

Finally, I would like to appreciate all the Organizers and Professors in Steemit Crypto Academy for your effort and dedication.

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Best Regards

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