Steemit Crypto Academy Season 5 [Advanced Course] Week 3 - BitTorrent Speed Wallet

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The advent of Blockchain technology ushers an era where the nos of use-cases of peer-to-peer technology like Blockchain could be endless. An average internet user is quite familiar with the things like downloading a file from the internet.

When you download a file, in general, you interact with a single computer/server. Further, the download of the entire file happens from a single computer/device. In other words, you engage with a single computer/device/server.

Most of us are quite familiar with torrenting. Perhaps most of us have used torrenting as a way to download something from the internet in the easiest/cheapest way. But when we look back at the evolution of torrenting and since 2018 when it converged into the underlying technology called Blockchain(precisely attributed to Tron Blockchain, with the recent partnership in 2018), torrenting is now more than just downloading a file. And the popular brand of Torrent since then is tokenized economy of BitTorrent with a TRC10 token called BTT. The end-users can leverage by seeding torrents/bandwidth and, in exchange, earn BTT rewards.

How exactly torrenting works?

A torrent network is a distributed network where thousands of users/devices are connected to each other. The files are spread over thousands of networks as well. So the end-user downloading a file interacts with n number of computers/devices.


The torrent network searches all the bits and pieces required for the package over the entire network, assembles it, and makes it available as a complete package for the end-user.

The entire process of searching, tracking, transmitting, and assembling, managing the bits and pieces of a file required by the end-user is done by BitTorrent or uTorrent client.

The entire process can become seamless and smooth for the end-user if the peer-to-peer network is robust with a large number of participants/devices connected to it. Further, to benefit the assembly and management of the data and file-sharing system, BitTorrent has introduced a reward system; a user who choses to seed the Torrent and Bandwidth can earn certain rewards in BTT. The end-user who wants a faster download can pay BTT to enjoy that privilege.

Seeding is attributed to those devices where the complete file is available, and that user/device is helping others in the network to get that file downloaded either in part or full. Being a peer-to-peer network, the download fundamentally happens with the help of other connected nodes/devices. BitTorrent incentivizes the seeders of the network in BTT. The more the number of seeds, the faster is the download because it will be a "many-many" transmission of files. If only one single seed or very few seeds are available, then it will be a one-many kind of transmission. Therefore the download speed will get slower.


BitTorrent Speed Wallet

BitTorrent file-sharing system works on the underlying principle of the peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol. Therefore unlike relying on the bandwidth and torrent of a centralized server/system, it depends on the torrent and bandwidth of thousands of connected nodes/devices. The users who seed torrents and bandwidth earn BTT in exchange. The user who wants to speed up the download pays a certain BTT to enjoy a faster download.

BitTorrent speed wallet is a means where it encourages the token bidders for faster downloads. Even with BTT bidding for faster download BitTorrent is still free of cost for the common user.

If the user has enabled seeding for downloaded files, he stands to earn BTT rewards for helping others download that file. Therefore the longer you remain seeded in the network, the more BTT you make in the long run.

The user is always at liberty to enable/disable seeding, in line with the idea of decentralization.


How do I set up BitTorrent Speed Wallet- Step by step guide

Go to-- Click on FREE DOWNLOAD. It will automatically download the file, now open the file and install it.

screenshot (25).png

screenshot (26).png

screenshot (27).png

screenshot (28).png

  • After having it installed, open BitTorrent, then click on Speed- Download Torrents Faster.
  • Click Next, then Click on Wallet.
  • If you are new to BitTorrent, the click on Create Wallet. If you already have a Bittorrent speed wallet, click on Import Wallet.
  • Set Password.
  • Click Continue.
  • Now, write down the 12 words phrase(mnemomic phrase) on a piece of paper, secure, and save it off-line. Pay attention to the correct order.
  • Now click on "I have saved it securely".
  • Confirm the recovery phrase- reproduce the words in the correct order.
  • Click Finish

screenshot (29).png

screenshot (30).png

You are good to go now.

Similarly, you can also download and install BitTorrent Web.

Go to-- Click on FREE DOWNLOAD. It will automatically download the file, now open the file and install it.




screenshot (24).png

Go back to the Dashboard(BitTorrent Speed Wallet- Desktop). You will get to know the Download speed, Spending ratio to increase the Download Speed, etc.

Click on Wallet again. Enter the password.

screenshot (31).png

screenshot (32).png

There is an in-app balance and BTT on-chain balance. You can transfer BTT from in-app wallet to on-chain wallet and vice versa from this place. The in-app Blanance will continue to grow if you keep seeding torrent files and bandwidth. That's the purpose of the BitTorrent Speed wallet.

Recovery Information of BitTorrent Speed Wallet:-

  • Click on Recovery information
  • Enter Password. Click Continue.
  • Check the Box(I Understand the Risk). Click on Reveal.
  • Now, it will display the Private key and the Mnemonic key of your BitTorrent Speed Wallet. Secure it in a safe place, preferably off-line.

screenshot (33).png

screenshot (34).png

screenshot (35).png


How do I restore BitTorrent Speed wallet in TronLink Wallet

  • Open your TronLink wallet extension(Assuming you already have installed your TronLink web extension)
  • Click on Restore
  • Set a new Account Name for your BitTorrent Speed Wallet.
  • Select the type of key using which you want to restore your BitTorrent Speed Wallet.

screenshot (36).png

screenshot (37).png

screenshot (38).png

Please note that you already have the recovery information of your BitTorrent Speed Wallet(both Prvate key and Mnemonic key). You can use either a private key or mnemonic key to restore your BitTorrent Speed Wallet in TronLink Wallet.

screenshot (39).png

screenshot (40).png

I have used private key to restore BitTorrent Speed wallet. You will also get to know your BitTorrent Speed wallet's associated Tron Wallet address(or Public Key).

If you send BTT to this address, the balance will reflect in BTT on-chain balance. You can transfer BTT on-chain balance to BTT in-app balance using the wallet interface of BitTorrent Speed wallet.


How do I deposit BTT from Exchange to BitTorrent Speed wallet

Go to Binance or Huobi or any other exchange where BTT is listed. Go to the withdraw section, enter the amount of BTT, paste the withdrawal address(BTT Address). You need to paste the public key of BitTorrent Speed Wallet.

screenshot (42).png


screenshot (43).png

I got my BTT transferred to TronLink Wallet(BitTorrent Speed Wallet) from Huobi. Please note that it will show as on-chain BTT. If you want it as in-app balance, then you need to make a transfer.

Now go back to the wallet interface of BitTorrent Speed Wallet.

screenshot (41).png


Click on BTT on-chain. Enter the amount of BTT you want to transfer to in-app BTT, finally hit the Send button.

screenshot (44).png


How do I withdraw from BitTorrent Speed Wallet?

In a similar way, you can withdraw BTT from BitTorrent Speed wallet to on-chain BTT. It takes comes time to reflect in your TronLink wallet(BitTorrent Speed Wallet). Please note that the minimum amount to withdraw from BitTorrent Speed wallet in-app balance is 1000 BTT.


BitTorrent Web

Click on the BitTorrent Web icon. It will automatically open in a browser.

Here you can add Torrent, Create a new Torrent, Share a Torrent.

Basically, it is the process of seeding Torrent, and in exchange, you earn BTT.

screenshot (45).png

Add Torrent:-

  • Click on Add Torrent.
  • Either Drag/Drop a file, or Brwose or paste the Torrent link at the designated box/space.
  • Finally, hit Add Torrent.

screenshot (46).png

Create Torrent:-

  • Click on Create Torrent.
  • Select the file.
  • Finally, hit Create Torrent.

screenshot (47).png

screenshot (48).png

You can also add/create torrent using the Desktop client. The process is quite similar. Make sure to check the box "seeding"; doing so will earn you BTT token.

  • Go to Desktop client.
  • Torrent---->Create New Torrent
  • Add the file, make sure to check the seeding box/option
  • Finally, hit create button.

screenshot (49).png


Thank you.


Homework Task (Season 5/Week-3)

(1) What is torrenting, what is seeding in BitTorrent, how does it earn BTT rewards? Demonstrate with examples?

(2) Download and install BitTorrent Speed Wallet? Restore it in TronLink Wallet? How do you secure the private keys of BitTorrent Speed Wallet?

(3) Transfer BTT from an Exchange to BitTorrent Speed Wallet? How do your transfer on-chain BTT to in-app BTT & vice versa? Demonstrate with real examples? Include relevant screenshots?

(4)How do you Create and/or Add Torrent? How do you seed it? Demonstrate with real examples?


  • Your article should be at least 500 words.
  • It is always better to gain user experience before submitting your article.
  • Refrain from spam/plagiarism. This task requires screenshot(s) of your own experience. Use images from copyright-free sources and showcase the source, if any.
  • This homework task will run until 4th Dec'2021, Time- 11:59 PM UTC.
  • Users with a reputation of 65 or above and a minimum SP of 900(excluding any delegated-in SP, delegating to vote-buying services is viewed negatively) are eligible to partake in this Task. (Must not be powering it down).
  • #club5050 status (last one month) is a prerequisite to participating in this homework task. The minimum threshold for Club5050 is 150 SP power up in the last one month regardless of the payout and earning. This is applicable for both active and inactive users. The upper threshold is subject to your cashout and earning for the specified period(i.e. last one month). There should not be any power down history for the specified period.
  • Add tag #sapwood-s5week3 #cryptoacademy in your post and should be among the first five tags. You can also use other relevant tags like #btt #bittorrent #tron or any other relevant tag. And also make sure you post in the Steemit Crypto Academy community.
  • Those who include the real examples/screenshots will score better.
  • Your homework title should be BitTorrent Speed Wallet- Steemit Crypto Academy- S5W3- Homework Post for @sapwood

Important Note:-

"If you have not had any earnings in the last one month, you will need to make a power-up of at least 150 STEEM to take part in the Academy(to validate your Club5050 status, inactive users).

This can either be from any liquid STEEM or SBDs you have, or you can buy STEEM from an exchange".

"Alternatively you can make posts outside of the Academy and wait until you have earnings from those posts to power up."

(Please feel free to join the comment section if you have any doubt on Homework-Task)


A request to Steemit Team, @steemcurator01:-

I request @steemcurator01 not to vote this Post, because I could not keep up with the Club5050 status(even though I have powered up 50% of my Author Reward in the last one month). I tried my best. But I am going through a rough patch at the moment financially; this week, I succumbed to that pressure, that's why cashed out STEEM. I am not trying to gain sympathy by saying this; It's not even like I don't want to be a part of Club5050. I am a strong proponent of Club5050.

But I am saying this from a different perspective. The students in the Academy should not feel discriminated (on Club5050). It is applicable for all, including professors. Therefore the sacrifice should come from the professor/MOD first. I will continue to work with utmost passion and determination in the Academy(without support, should I fail to maintain Club5050 status). I will try my best to restore my Club5050 status as I progress.


Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are my original works. The screenshots are taken from BitTorrent Speed Wallet.


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Hello professor, when I went to download the Speed wallet, it downloaded the BitTorrent Web.
And there I can't see any options to download the Torrent speed wallet.

So what can be the problem professor? And what should I do now?

Great Lecture about BitTorrent. This is one area I must learn more. Thanks once again for the great Lecture. My pleasure 😃

Same here, about financialsituation. But, to secure my position in SCA, yesterday I owed 200 STEEM and did 150 STEEM Power Ups. This is because I didn't have time to join the SCA on week 1 of season 5, and the last time I Powered Up was 28 days earlier (counting from when I uploaded week 2 homework,yesterday). If only my homework was reviewed 2 days later, I might lose the right to get curated. :D

Thanks for the lecture, Professor.

Professor @sapwood, the leads us to download the BitTorrent Web installer.

I downloaded and installed BitTorrent Classic, but there is nothing I can do to install BTT Speed Wallet.


I tried another torrent client produced by BitTorrent, uTorrent, still nothing.


What might be the problem, Professor? Did I miss something?


Ok, no problem. Install the BitTorrent Web.

Click on BitTorrent Speed, it will redirect you to setting up of the BitTorrent Speed wallet.


Thank you.


Thanks Profesor


@sapwood Did I really do another thing wrong aside what I have explained?

Please why don't you want to give me a reply?

Hola profesor, estoy realizando la tarea y al llegar este paso la billetera dice que se esta sincronizando, ya tengo rato esperando y sigue en lo mismo , es normal?



Luego de una hora aun sigo con el mismo problema profesor, usare el cliente Utorrent para poder acceder a BitTorrent Speed, espero que no exista ningun problema con eso



Yes, you can.


You reply every other person except me
@sapwood please what else do I do?

I have explained my concerns everywhere and still get ignored like I am not a human

I have done achievement 1- 4

I have given my genuine reason for doing what I did but yet no reply.

No human on Earth deserves this cold reception and treatment

Please sir @sapwood, y am I being snubbed?


Sir, no need to comment n number of times.

You are not eligible for SCA, simply because you photoshopped/edited/falsified your introductory post. And the response in that regard is not satisfactory for SCA.

Thank you.


God bless you sir for the response.
I know how irritating my disturbance must have become. But please hear me this once and reply me.

Sir please you asked me to do another achievement 1 post which I have done.

I explained that I just came back to steemit and I didn't know it was an offense to Photoshop my old achievement 1 post.
which I corrected immediately with my picture and I didn't Photoshop it and @cryptokannon has verified me.

Maybe it doesn't sound convincing enough but I will say the truth and won't search for a sweet lie to match my story.

I will deleted all my comments on every platform. If the truth can't set me free, it's just the world we live in.

I am really sorry for being a bug and disturbing you everywhere, I know it must be irritating but please you are human and you really know I am saying the truth.

Permit me to partake in the SCA

Look at my new achievement 1 - 4 post.

Achievement 1 link

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Look at all my achievement posts, if you still find me guilty for a corrected mistake then it's fine. My world won't end here, there is always hope.

Sir I am really sorry for disturbing everywhere but this means a lot to me and my family

BitTorrent is one of my favorite projects, but I don't understand why I haven't received rewards for more than a month now, have they changed something in the rewards system, or in the blockchain?

@sapwood sorry proff for disturb your time.

My post has been 6 days but it hasn't been curated yet.

@sapwood Greetings professor, sorry to invade your post.

Sir I still have a pending issue that is really causing heart breaking moments for me with no response for 2montha

I have explained in different scenarios but immediately after my explanation, I will get no response again.

I deleted and made a Photoshop image because I just came back to steemit after years and I felt that was the fastest means which I was told it was wrong and I should do another hand written achievement 1.

I have obeyed @cryptokannon and have repeated the achievement 1 with a hand written achievement 1 post and have written up to achievement 4 which are all verified.

My efforts for some weeks have been constantly failed to zero despite all my efforts and it's really because of the silence.

Sir I plead with everything in me, please speak on the matter, give a verdict. My efforts and money and time are being lost because I really want to make a living and survive.

Sir below are the link

Achievement 1 link

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We really know how it's not easy to meet up with the power up requirements,

Silence can kill more than anything, please someone should speak on this case.

@steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 please step into this case, I have really done all that was demanded of me

I wondered why @sapwood wasn't getting votes. To be honest, I don't think the club 5050 should apply to professors also, it's a full time job and they obviously have responsibilities.
Great lecture professor

While trying to create wallet, it is not syncing and not processing ahead. So what to do?



@sapwood few hours left for the deadline of task . May you kindly give some solution. It has been more than 24 h since my last comment and you are yet to reply.


Dear, @drqamu. You should consider using µTorrent (uTorrent) Client to access BitTorrent Speed. Sorry for the inconveniences.


I'll try to do it as only 2 . 5 hours are left.



I think , I may have to change my pc 😂 for this task.

Ive tried transferring BTT onchain to IN-app. Each time i try my BTT gets deducted and the transaction status says failed. But checking the block explorer it says success.




professor @sapwood, I've made a repost of a previously uncurated assignment. however, it's been 6 days and it hasn't been curated either. this is very worrying.

here is the assignment link :

lately I have some problems with Bitorrent, the rewards are not coming to me anymore. Did it happen to you too?

@sapwood Good day please did my homework couple of days ago, its yet to be marked and curated. Thanks in anticipation. Tidings of the season