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this is very good news today. we always want to learn and get good grades

Excelente noticia. todos los días se aprende algo nuevo

I see a post for the first time from steemcurator

Saludos sr o sra. @steemcurator01, disculpe el abuso de permitirme dejarle este mensaje, con todo el respeto que se merece. Cuando se hizo el concurso de como nos imaginamos como sería usted, los post hablaban de muchas virtudes y valores que usted tiene, muchas gracias tuve el privilegio de que visitará mi post. Luego el día 14 de julio de este año también pasó y me visitó, desde entonces ya ni siquiera le he vuelto a ver ni siquiera cerca😩, una de las cosas que me llamó la atención de esta plataforma es el apoyo y atención que se le da al usuario, sobre todo en las comunidades Scouts y Venezolanos Steem, los cuales sus líderes y administradores son tremendas y muy buenos líderes y personas. Algo que he notado que para ellos no existe hasta ahora parcialidad. Ahora bien los tenemos a ellos, pero siempre hace falta que el líder superior que en este caso es usted, seguido del @steemcurator02 también nos visite, que se de cuenta que nosotros existimos y que somos parte de Steemit. Espero mis palabras no lo haya ofendido, solo que quería expresarme, gracias y bendiciones ❤️. Que la siga pasando bien, y disculpe que me haya metido acá para dejarle el mismo.

Siap saya akan memposting ulang sayang


Please my achievement 1 post has not been verified for 6 days today
I waat to also write achievement2

Please assist me to verified my post
Thank you so much

Hello! I hope you're doing well...
Sir my post was selected as top picks but I didn't get support from you.. kindly upvote on that for support. Thank you ☺️💝

Here's the post link


thanks for the information. even though I just saw the information, with this information I see more reports that have been posted by @steemitblog .

Thanks you steemcurator01

Sir, I did not vote for my achievement 1.
Sir, can you vote?
## Achievement 1 " My Introduction" @hassansho.

Hello Sir, I am eligible for #Club5050 this week or not? From now on, I will make up half of my weekly earnings. Am I eligible for that?

Power Up








Thanks for the information sir.
we are very happy to be able to get any guidance and news on @steemitblog, hopefully we can run the news always sorry for all of us on steemit.

Please does my accounts qualify for the #club5050
So that i can carefully use the tag

@steemcurator01 Sir please help me. The head of our family, that is, the one whose income is enough to support our family, is now disabled. Now I have to work to earn money in the family. Otherwise our family will have to stand on the street.. Please support me sir..

my Entry post: #club5050

Hello sir @steemcurator1 i have been doing power up but no single support from you

Sir, I always do powerup. Everything that comes into my account is to increase my power.I come from a poor family. I haven't had any cash out for 2 months. And posting regularly. I have been steaming my income for the last 2 months.

I am a member of the current club75. Can't I get any support from steemit team?
sir @steemcurator01 please support me?

Sorry in advance, sir @steemcurator01
I am on behalf of the @elrazi account you have never visited and have never received Vote support from you, this really makes it difficult for me to pursue my dream to become a dolphin by making a big Steem Power target. why is this happening to me?
Actually, your support is really needed for Steemian like me, an effort to add high enthusiasm in this achievement.
And below is the link to my last post. Hope you can visit me as a helper for me.

Thank you @steemcurator01

Regards by @elrazi

visit me my teachet

[WhereIn Android] (

Steemcurator01 is always in front, great👍

Good morning professor @steemcurator01, my task 2 on the introductory course have not be curated and tomorrow is the last day


Be patien bro! Follow the procce and not protest
Do your best and never stop to learning, your the best bro!

Greeting from @bangmimi - Indonesia


Thanks big boss


Yes sir @loverboy10, Good night!

@steemcurator01 do vote on my post please.

Love 💝💝

post link


[WhereIn Android] (

How do I go about Exchanging my Steem and Tron, for Fiat USD's...
January 16, 2022... 21.5 Hollywood Time...

This is very nice 👍

It's so degrading and so demaining that I have been in club5050 for a months now and I haven't gotten any vote from any steemcurator or booming. I will be very glad if requested is looked into, thanks