Steemit Crypto Academy Update [ November 1st, 2021 ] - Recruiting Professors

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Season 4 of the Crypto Academy has now come to an end.

Planning for Season 5 is already underway. Make sure you are following @steemitblog for news of new developments.

For the new season we will be recruiting more Professors.

Details of how to apply are below.

Season 5 of the Crypto Academy will begin in 2 - 3 weeks.

The ten Introductory courses will continue to be available in the meantime for anyone at the Beginners level who has completed at least Level 4 of the Achievement Tasks in the Newcomers Community.

Steemit Crypto Academy Professors

The primary task of a Crypto Professor is to produce weekly or bi-weekly course posts on a cryptocurrency / blockchain subject agreed between us.

Each of these posts should also include a homework task for the students to practice and expand their knowledge of the topic.

The Professors are then expected to check, comment on and grade within two days all the homework posts submitted for their course. This is likely to be around 100 posts a week. Professors will generally be working in pairs to share the workload of grading the homework posts.

At the end of each week we ask the Professors to produce a summary post giving feedback on the homework responses submitted.

For all their hard work, the Professors are rewarded each week with generous upvotes from @steemcurator01 on their main course posts and their homework feedback posts.

For Season 5 we are looking to recruit two or three more Professors.

If you would like to be considered as a Steemit Crypto Professor you should make a post with the following information…

  • a summary of your experience on Steem, and other blockchains, and other relevant off-chain experience or qualifications (no more than 250 words)

  • a description of why you think you would be suitable to become a Steemit Crypto Professor (no more than 250 words)

  • an outline of the topics you would cover in a sample 5 week course suitable for newcomers to the crypto world (no more than 500 words)

  • links to the three best crypto related posts you have made on Steem - ideally these should be Crypto Academy homework posts.

Please note - only people who are participating in #club5050 will be considered for the role of Crypto Academy Professor.

Application posts for both roles can be in any language, and should be published by 11pm UTC on Sunday, November 7th.

Please include the tag #professorapplication (and your country tag) in the first 4 tags and put a link to your post in the comments below.

We plan to announce the new Steemit Crypto Professors by Wednesday, November 10th.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

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Eagerly waiting for Season 5 ! Will be in Dolphin Club 🐬 ♥️☺️ before the beginning of Season 5
#club5050 .


Hi there, could you tell me how to earn money on steemit platform? I have posted so many things but I hardly get any upvotes or earn anything. please help. Thank you


You need to participate in the contests, complete the achievement program in Steemit Newcomers and then ultimately make way toward CryptoAcademy. Here again posting homework tasks will make you learn basics of crypto and earn money

Excelente temporada, mis felicitaciones a cada uno de los miembros administrativos de la academia por la labor que han realizado como profesores y administradores.

El club5050 sin duda será de gran ayuda para cuidar y mejorar la economía del ecosistema steemit, en lo personal me estoy incorporando al club mediante los retiros que realizo de la plataforma ya que fue una iniciativa inesperada que afecto un poco en nuestros planes, a muchos nos afecta la situación país, en mi caso “Venezuela” y cada uno posee responsabilidades diferentes (pago de internet, costos de alimentos, niños, familia, etc), por ello a muchos se les hace difícil participar en este momento, pero sé que prontamente se estarán incorporando regularmente a esta iniciativa.

He visualizado que en las ultimas 2 temporadas anteriores han limitado cada grupo según la reputación que posea el usuario, como saben la reputación no es nada fácil aumentarla y esto ha limitado a muchos estudiantes a poder avanzar desde las clases intermedias a avanzadas, lo que ha causado mucha desilusión ya que muchos de ellos han estado desde el comienzo de la cryptoacademia, por ejemplo en mi caso para aumentar de reputación 65 a 70, tendré que postear más de 150 publicaciones que deben ser curadas cada una de ellas, los únicos que tienen reputación alta son los usuarios antiguos “año 2018,2019 y comienzos del 2020” y usuarios administrativos que reciben votaciones regularmente por curaduría administrativa.

Admiro mucho la plataforma, la cryptoacademia y sobre todo la iniciativa del cub5050, esperamos la reincorporación de los nuevos profesores ya que mediante a esto se verá afectada la limitación de 2 clases semanales de forma beneficiosa, muchos esperamos que la reputación no sea una limitante para la nueva temporada ya que muchos usuarios con gran potencial de aprendizaje quedaran estancados a pesar de apoyar sus iniciativas, la escalabilidad en los grupos debe ser incorporada conscientemente, considerando los criterios de dificultad que esta requiere y no por criterio de reputación personal. Créanme que el ecosistema se verá beneficiado con esto, Que tengan feliz día amigos.

Muchas gracias


Excellent season, my congratulations to each of the administrative members of the academy for the work they have done as teachers and administrators.

Club5050 will undoubtedly be of great help to take care of and improve the economy of the steemit ecosystem, personally I am joining the club through the withdrawals I make from the platform since it was an unexpected initiative that affected a little in our plans, to many We are affected by the country situation, in my case "Venezuela" and each one has different responsibilities (internet payment, food costs, children, family, etc.), therefore many find it difficult to participate at this time, but I know that They will soon be joining this initiative on a regular basis.

I have visualized that in the last 2 previous seasons they have limited each group according to the reputation that the user has, as you know, reputation is not easy to increase and this has limited many students to be able to advance from intermediate to advanced classes, which has caused a lot of disappointment since many of them have been since the beginning of the cryptoacademic, for example in my case to increase my reputation from 65 to 70, I will have to post more than 150 publications that must be curated each of them, the only ones that have High reputation are the old users "year 2018, 2019 and beginning of 2020" and administrative users who receive votes regularly by administrative curatorship.

I very much admire the platform, the cryptoacademy and especially the cub5050 initiative, we hope the reincorporation of the new teachers since this will affect the limitation of 2 weekly classes in a beneficial way, many of us hope that reputation is not a limitation for the new season since many users with great learning potential will remain stagnant despite supporting their initiatives, scalability in groups must be consciously incorporated, considering the criteria of difficulty that it requires and not by criteria of personal reputation. Believe me, the ecosystem will benefit from this. Have a happy day friends.

Thank you



Acuerdo contigo lo que explicas. En un principio, promovían la academia como una oportunidad para ganar conocimiento, abierto a todos los que quisieran, pero sus últimas condiciones, no solo ahuyentan al "malicioso", sino a personas con la sana intención de aprender.

La reputación no debería ser un requisito a considerar. Me parece que para que esto sea una academia, más cercana al sistema de educación tradicional, deben existir objetivos-tareas que cumplir para avanzar al siguiente nivel. Es decir, si no apruebo el objetivo 1, no puedo ver el objetivo 2, y si no he completado el programa del nivel 1, no puedo avanzar al nivel 2. Como un juego NFT, si no riego las plantitas, no tendré semillas.

Hasta sería de mucho estímulo recibir un certificado cuando cumpla con todos los niveles. Esto último me encantaría, porque orgullosamente lo anexaría a mi CV.

Pero tengo mucho tiempo alejada de la academia, me toca actualizarme


If only the curators and administrators would take the time to read such valuable information and respond to this message.

The academy would be better for the entire ecosystem. and more for the devs and admin.

This is something admirable and valuable that adm should not miss.

Cc: @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @sapwood

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 i am extremely sorry for the things which happened past few weeks back as though i was getting daily upvotes from nutbox and i was miss using it and i am extremely sorry for it. I have undelegated my SP from nutbox and i am not doing any unethical practices please reinstate me so that i can create post in steem crypto academy.

I promise to not repeat it again it will be really a great gift for me. Will be waiting for your positive reply. Thanku.


Insight is the first way to improve.👍
good luck 🍀


Hi there, could you tell me how to earn money on steemit platform? I have posted so many things but I hardly get any upvotes or earn anything. please help. Thank you

Please 🥺 @steemcurator01, @steemblog and @steemcurator02 please you should please consider young account and please make next season favorable, to young accounts that is reducing required rep and sp to participate. It would be nice if It reduce to how it was initially (before last season). I believe if they are more people on crypto acedemics, the income of accounts will increase which will result to higher power up, Which will help develop Steem Blockchain, faster. It would also attract big investor's to the blockchain. This are just a suggestions, I would be happy of you consider my suggestions, because it a desire of numerous account on the Blockchain.

Hello esteem STEEMIT Team.

Good afternoon and it is great being here. Wonderful being in this academy. I totally love the amount of knowledge I have now due to your benevolent attitude. Thank you very much sir. Anxiously waiting for season 5💃.

However sir, I have had some little challenges and worries especially during season 4.

  • Firstly was my rejected PARTICIPATION in the #club5050. I solely take responsibility for the mistake. I did write in a comment section and explained.

  • Secondly, as stated on the rules for assignment post for each week, that the voting will follow the grading. Meaning for Beginners course a vote of 5% will be given to someone with 5 grading as so forth

Also in the intermediate level, a grading of 5 received 10% and so on, if I am not mistaken.

I have been experiencing some difference in my vote. The most recent was the 9% vote I received in an intermediate course where I received a 8.3 grading to be precise by Professor@reddileep.


Sir, due to my misfortune the week before I had just 7SBD for the week and I did a complete power up to be eligible for #club5050. I am not here to complain about the club5050 because I understand the rules. I am here complain about the vote percentage.

I really wish to grow as fast as possible on Steemit, and I rely solely on building genuine reputation. The voting system has made it difficullt and are times felt so discouraged. I love being part of this academy and so I wanted to lay my worries and hope to get an appropriate respond. .

I believe without being a promoter I have promoted this community to my fellow Cameroonians, and more are working had to join. I love you and the Steemit team

Thank you for your prompt response

CC. Professor @sapwood.

What I am saying and it is something extremely important is that for that #club5050 if the sp was not an obstacle they would have more traffic and many more participants would be in the program.

The obstacle was the SP because it would have to get a lot of important votes in order to have a reputation.

We want them to tell us clearly what they want ?


Reputation =SP very difficult to obtain.

Teacher's grades do not go according to the tasks (they put the grade they want and do not give a clear answer).

the difficulty is constantly increasing, too many questions and very low marks. now with the 50/50 the cures are lower and therefore the SP lasts a long time to be able to reach 65 in my case.

I would need minimum 60 paid tasks minimum of a 20$ now with the reduction of 50/50 I would need 120 paid tasks to be able to reach 65 SP thing that the mod is not looking at. now the community has its own people of the years 2018 2019 that if they have reputation I don't know if it is a monopoly what they want to do or they really want new people to enter the ecosystem.

If they can talk to us a little clearer it would be ideal.

yes i am a flesh and blood person a human and i live on earth. like all of you. i know i am not in a position to demand so i kindly ask you to consider this situation so we can all contribute and build a bigger academy every time.



Hola amigo, saludos. Veo que dices lo siguiente:

''now the community has its own people of the years 2018 2019 that if they have reputation I don't know if it is a monopoly what they want to do or they really want new people to enter the ecosystem.''

La verdad no lo creo, yo tengo 9meses y mi reputacion esta en 66, esto depende de cada persona y su constancia


La verdad que después de llegar a 60 de REP es bastante difícil avanzar. Yo tengo mas de un lustro y solo he llegado a 68. He revisado tu perfil y si sos constante, pero ademas creo que tenes conocimientos de sobra en TA, porque participas en casi todas las lecciones y en casi todas obtenes muy buenos resultados. No todos, la verdad muy pocos tenemos esa capacidad, y aunque SCA nos da la oportunidad de conseguir buenos votos no lo aprovechamos al maximo. Yo en lo personal estoy algo viejo y soy medio haragan asi que mis trabajos dejan que desear. En resumen si creo que SCA deberia ser accesible a todos, de repente como dijo alguien haciendolo por grados, o sea tener que pasar un nivel de aprendizaje para acceder al siguiente.


Todo es constancia y trabajo fuerte, muchas de esas tareas me toman mas de 8 horas he incluso y tenido tareas en donde he estado estudiando mas de 24 horas (no continuas, porque tampoco soy un robot jaja) y en la mayoría no conozco el tema y empiezo a investigar. De igual manera que yo usted esta en el tercer nivel y como debe saber hay tareas muy dificiles que en muchas ocasiones no realizo por no entender


Entiendo, yo no tengo eso yo solo hago una o dos semanales y ni las investigo mucho por eso mis marcas son entre 5 y 6, suficiente para mi. Talvez cambie de actitud, aunque conociendome lo dudo mucho.


Debes ponerle mas esfuerzo para sacar mejores notas y con conformarte, veras que se siente bien sacar notas altas! saludos y mucha suerte

Thanks for the update I wish all applicants the best of luck

Please for the link of the general group in discord

我非常钦佩这个平台,加密学院,尤其是 cub5050 倡议,我们希望新教师的重新加入,因为这将以有益的方式影响每周 2 节课的限制,我们中的许多人希望声誉不是限制新赛季,由于许多具有巨大学习潜力的用户尽管支持他们的倡议,但仍将停滞不前,因此必须有意识地纳入群体的可扩展性,考虑到它所需的难度标准,而不是个人声誉的标准。相信我,生态系统将从中受益。祝朋友们天天开心

Thanks for the update. I appreciate your doings. May God continue to uplift you and the entire steemit team and the community at large.

Thank you @steemitblog for the update. The break is really worth it.

Club5050 is really a wonderful way to show our commitment. So considering the application of those who have joined club5050 is the best.

I am eagerly awaiting the plans for season 5.

I can't wait to start again. Being busy is the what I like the most.

But please @steemitblog, what about steemit academy promoters, do you not need more promoters? There is no update to that effect that's why am asking.

I am looking forward to your response


We are not recruiting any more Promoters at the moment.


Ok boss, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't left behind. Thank you for your prompt response

keep the great work coming!

Another oppurtunity for efficient users to cone forward and avail the oppurtunity.

@steemitblog @steemcurator01 I have a question. Will there be any vacancy open for new country representatives anytime soon?

Esto está interesante

Woow thanks for the updates @steemitblog, indeed season 4 was really worth learning and I'm highly anticipating for the season5 to begin soon

thanks for the update and looking forward to the start of next season. Crypto Academy is helping a lot in crypto learning. thanks, team for this wonderful initiative.

@steemitblog @steemcurator01 pls for those of us that will love to continue with the introductory courses as you've said, are we going to be graded and voted ? Just want to confirm this before I proceed with it


are we going to be graded and voted ?



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Thank you so much for this great opportunity for all Steemit users.
As always we continue to translate the post each week for our community.
Here is the link.

Let's grow together we need to support ourselves ✨

Hi @steemcurator01,

I have been on Steemit for 4 years. 2 years ago I was a moderator on Utopian-io. I took a break from Steemit when Utopian-io was shut down.

I was excited when I saw that everything was better and I decided to actively use Steemit again. I would like to ask a question about the following quote.

The ten Introductory courses will continue to be available in the meantime for anyone at the Beginners level who has completed at least Level 4 of the Achievement Tasks in the Newcomers Community.

I'm not a newcomer to Steemit, do I still need to do newcomers tasks? When I looked at the rules of the Newcomers' community, I saw the following rule and wanted to ask about it.

Please only post in this community if you are a new user, or if you are a part of The Steem Greeters Team.

I would like to complete homework tasks for SteemitCryptoAcademy as soon as possible before Season 5 starts.

Kind Regards...

Hola como estan, muy buena iniciativa y esperamos seguir construyendo en la plataforma y esperar con mucho entusiasmo la criptoacademia.


Season 4 professors did great. Your efforts are well appreciated. I hope the new professors will do great also


Hi there, could you tell me how to earn money on steemit platform? I have posted so many things but I hardly get any upvotes or earn anything. please help. Thank you

Excelente esperare la temporada cinco.

exciting we are waiting for season 5

Good to see season 5 is about to start.

Waiting excitingly for Season 4 of the Academy and very much happy to see the new professors.

Anxiously waiting for this greatness
Season 5

Thank you for the update.

saya merasa pengen mengikuti, tapi say belum bener benar paham. tapi saya tidak pernah putus asa untuk mempelajarinya hingga saya menemukan titik terang. @steemcurator01 @steemitblog
#professorapplication #indonesia #aceh #club5050

This is great, an amazing opportunity for those that will like to be professor

very nice let we take some advantage of it

I have included this post in the 17th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | November 02, 2021.

The last season was amazing, the break is so good so that students can refresh and get prepared for the coming season.

Thank you #steemit team

Good day Professor @sapwood. Please I have not been labelled for my completed task 5. Also I have not been curated for my beginner's dynamic post. Thanks for your response


Good day Professor @sapwood. Please I have not been labelled for my fixed task 5 and I have not been curated for my dynamic tasks


Good day Professor @sapwood. Please I have not been labelled for my fixed task 5 and I have not been curated for my dynamic tasks

Fantastic! can't wait for season 5!

Good day Professor @sapwood. Please I have not been labelled for my fixed task 5 and I have not been curated for my dynamic tasks


Good day Professor @sapwood. Please I have not been labelled for my fixed task 5 and I have not been curated for my dynamic tasks


Good day Professor @sapwood. Please I have not been labelled for my fixed task 5 and I have not been curated for my dynamic tasks

@pelon53 hola profesor, saludos. Como puedo saber si soy parte del club5050? quiero formar parte pero no se cuanto powerup me falta para participar, espero su ayuda, gracias


Todos somos parte del club5050, pero para recibir voto beneficio debes haber realizado un power up del 50% o más del total de tus ingresos (Steem - SBD) en el ultimo mes.


Tu monto ingreso lo puedes consultar en,


Es decir, en tu caso segun la imagen deberas hacer un power up de 18 USD aproximadamente?


si para ser más exactos, 18.08 USD. pero es medido en SBD, 2.275 mínimo. puedes hacer power up a más del 50%, y en cada oportunidad que tengas nuevos beneficios, debes hacer power up para mantenerte activo en el 5050

Greetings @steemitblog

Excellent initiative and great work on cryptoacademy, I am delighted to participate in the courses they teach every week.

However, I wonder when you can open again the opportunity to include new promoters for the cryptoacademy, I would love to spread all the information of the academy and also to seek and guide new users to join the courses.

I am very active in social networks and I will be able to do a good job.

Who ever is not Crypto inclined is missing out greatly

Thank you so much for this update. I am anxiously waiting for season 5 of the cryptoacademy and the professors.

My Application For The Position Of A Steemit Crypto Academy Professor, Steemit Crypto Academy | Application For The Position Of A Professor | By @bukkyi4u

Really want to be included in the @SteemitCryptoAcademy post, but the power and ability is still very little, hopefully I can be a beginner in @SteemitCryptoAcademy, another time.

great amazing who would like to professor

Well, it is good opportunity for students to become professor to share their knowledge. I appreciate the @steemitblog to give a chance for new persons for services on steemit platform.
Thank you the steemit team.

Exicting waiting for season 5 great