During the Russian withdrawal, Ukrainian forces discovered wreckage and brutalized bodies.

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Authorities reported Sunday that after Russian soldiers retreated from the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukrainian troops discovered brutalized bodies with tied wrists, severe burns to the head, and evidence of torture, spurring concepts related to a war crimes probe and penalties against Russia.


At least nine persons in civilian clothes seem to be killed at close range, according to Journalist reporters in Bucha, a tiny town northwest of the capital. Their wrists were bound behind their backs in at least two cases. Two bodies were wrapped in plastic, taped together, and tossed into a ditch, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities stated they were recording evidence of suspected atrocities to strengthen their case against Russian officials accused of war crimes. Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court must prove a pattern of indiscriminate attacks on civilians over Russia's invasion to prosecute.
Scores of civilians were found dead here on roads of Bucha and also the Ukrainian suburbs of Irpin and Hostomel in what seemed to be a "scene from a horror movie," according to Oleksiy Arestovych, a senior advisor for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According to Arestovych, some persons were shot in the head, their wrists were chained, and their corpses displayed evidence of torture. He said that rapes had also been reported.

AP journalists had seen the Ukrainian military carefully remove at least six bodies from a Bucha street with wires the day before, if least the Russians had booby-trapped them with explosives before their departure. The dead persons were alleged to be civilians who were murdered without provocation, although this assertion could not have been independently verified.
"What occurred to Bucha and other Kyiv suburbs can only be regarded as genocide," said Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, in an interview with the German tabloid Bild. Klitschko demanded that other countries immediately halt their imports of Russian gas, claiming that they were paying for the assassinations.

"Russia should no longer get any funds. That's blood money, and it's been used to murder people. An emergency petroleum embargo is required " said the mayor."
On February 24, Russian troops entered Ukraine from three directions, with soldiers entering as from the north in Belarus attempting to clear a road to Kyiv for weeks. In face of determined pushback from Ukraine's troops, their march came to a halt, but Moscow vowed this week that it will focus the assault elsewhere in the future.


In the aftermath of Russian soldiers fleeing north to Belarus, signs of severe battle were everywhere: damaged personnel carriers out of both militaries lying in streets and fields, along with dispersed military gear. The Ukrainian military claimed its men were still searching for explosives, the dead, and any residual Russian fighters outside of the capital.
Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine's foreign minister, has also termed for tougher Russian sanctions, such as an entire energy embargo, in response here to discoveries up the coast of Kyiv. Kuleba said in a tweet on Sunday that the "Bucha atrocity was premeditated," and that "Russians seek to destroy so many more Ukrainians as possible."

The "haunting pictures of crimes perpetrated mostly by Russian army" within the capital region horrified Charles Emmanuel, president of the European Union, who expressed his dismay on Twitter. According to Michel, who pledged "more EU measures" on Russia, the European and non-governmental groups are cooperating in the endeavor to gather evidence of war crimes.
France's, Germany's, Italy's, and the United Kingdom's foreign ministers all blasted the allegations and vowed Russia would indeed be held accountable.
"We must not allow Russia to be using cynical deception to hide their role in these crimes, so we can ensure that the truth of Russia's actions is revealed," added British Foreign Secretary Alison Truss.


Russia promised days ago to enable safe transport from town, which has been the location of the worst attacks and suffering, according to Ukrainian authorities, but such accords have fallen apart in the past due to continuous bombardment.
Tens of thousands of people leaving Mariupol have gathered in a mall parking lot within the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia.
Peycheva Olena, a survivor of the siege, told Sky News in the United Kingdom that she would be forced to leave her husband's remains exhumed when he was murdered by a gunshot.

"We attempted to move him away since there was shelling, but it was too much for us," Kristina Katrikova recounted.

Just on thirty nine-day of a crisis that has seen over 4 million people leaving the nation as refugees or dislocated many more from their homes, the topography of the battlefield has altered little for ordinary Ukrainians.

As per the leader of Chernihiv, which has also been under bombardment for weeks, Russian shelling has devastated 70 percent of the northern city. Chernihiv has already been cut off from food and other supplies, the same as Mariupol.

"People are thinking about how they will survive till tomorrow," stated Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko.
Russian soldiers fired missiles somewhere at Black Port city of Odesa in southern Ukraine on Sunday morning, causing clouds of black smoke to envelop portions of the city. The objectives, according to the Russian military, were an oil processing facility and fuel stockpiles in and near Odesa, Ukraine's major port & home to its navy.
"I reside on the eighth level of the eight-story structure. Russia conducted an attack at six a.m., and this rock made its way to my house "Maiesienko Intended actions, which lives in the area one of the institutions attacked, agreed.

Moscow's officials orally approved most of a draft plan discussed during face-to-face negotiations in Istanbul this week, according to the leader of Ukraine's team in talks with Russia, and yet no signed copy has been issued. As his country's army reclaimed land north of the city from fleeing Russian forces, Zelenskyy urged all Ukrainians to "foil the enemy's methods and undermine its capabilities."
"Any decisions made by the adversary anywhere in Moscow will not result in peace. It's pointless to hold out hope that they'll simply depart our country. Only by fighting can we achieve peace "Late Saturday, Zelenskyy stated.

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