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Before the introduction of gaming systems that are based on the blockchain, all the gaming platforms were completely centralized. The developers of these centralized games focused mainly on making much profit, thus, the users barely get rewards for playing games on these platforms. Instead of earning, they platform requires the player to spend his own money in buying tokens, life and other stuffs needed in the game.

The scenario is quite different in blockchain-based games. In the blockchain-based game, the players get to earn rewards as they play the game. These rewards can be in the form of tokens, cryptocurrencies, NFT collectibles and lots more. All these rewards can be sold by the gamer and in return, he will receive fiats or cryptocurrencies.

Also due to the decentralized nature of these blockchain-based games, gamers can own tokens, collectibles (both the one bought in the game and the one they received as rewards) in the games without being afraid that he may lose them if something happens to the developers.


In today's lecture, professor @yohan2on while teaching on the topic "Blockchain Video Games - Play and Earn Crypto" has explained to us how to play blockchain-based video games. Below is my response to the assignment he gave after the class.



Blockchain cuties universe is a blockchain-based game, which was launched in April of 2018. This game is actually one of a kind, unlike other blockchain based games that support only one blockchain (e.g cryptokitties), blockchain cuties universe supports five different blockchains. These blockchains are Eos, Tron, Ethereum, Matic and Neo.

The game contains several characters some of includes bear cubs, puppies, exotic creatures, pigs, cats e.t.c. These characters found inside the game are referred to as cuties.

Each of these cuties are unique, meaning that no two players can have in their position identical cuties. It is the uniqueness of each of these cuties from the other that makes it valuable. A player who own these cuties can customize them and can trade it to other players in the game.

Blockchain Cutie

In general, the whole game operation includes buying of "cuties", breeding of cuties, send the cuties on adventure, unlock reward items by winning battles and so on.



Blockchain Cuties Universe have several features, below are some of them.

  • My Pet

Within this feature you will find every pet or cuties owned by the player. These cuties can be bought in the game's marketplace. These pets can be a cat, pig, bear cub, a puppy e.t.c. No two pets in the game are the same, each of the have their own unique characteristics. These characteristics can range from it's appearance, cooldown time and even it's ability. The uniqueness of each of these pets is achieved through the use of non-fungible token technology (NFT).

It's worth noting that these pets can mate with each other. This implies that a player can merge two cuties that have different colors, abilities, genes and lots more to form rare pets that have special characteristics. These rare pets that are birthed with the right trait combination are sold for high prices in the game's market place.

Other characteristics of a pet that influences it's uniqueness includes its specie, level, its generation, and the pet's adventure frequency.

My Cutie

As a new player, you are given one cutie for free in the beginning. This pet can be renamed, and can be sent on an adventure just like every pet.

  • Forge

The next feature of the game is the "forge". It's symbol is a hammer and an anvil. Just as it name and single suggest, this feature allows you to modify the gears you obtained when playing the game. The modification can be an upgrade, a repair, enchanting customizing your gear and lots more.

When a player carries out modifications on his pet or his special gears, the chances of his pet winning when it goes on an adventure increases.


  • Adventures

Adventure, represented by two crossword is the main feature of blockchain cuties universe. It is where the main game is actually played.

When pets are sent to an adventure, they get to battle with other cuties in platform. In this battle, they either win, draw or lose. Their winning, drawing or losing is totally dependent on the experience or strength of the cutie.

Below is a screenshot showing when I sent my cutie on an adventure.

Select an adventure

Note that the players don't actually play a game, rather the game plays automatically, the opponent is chosen randomly. Also, the cutie that has better features among the two wins the battle.

After a battle, the cutie takes some time to heal. This time is referred to as cooldown. My cutie, for instance took 00:01:00 time to heal. Also the cuties experience increasing as it goes on more adventures

Below is a screenshot showing that my cutie won when it went on an adventure. I also unlocked two achievements.


Result of the adventure

  • Blockchain Cuties Governance Coin

Although Blockchain Cuties supports five blockchains, it has its own native token. This in-game token serves as the game's governance coin. This token is represented as BCUG and can only the spent on the game's platform. For instance, activities like staking, liquidity pools and so on can be carried out on the platform using BCUG (the platform's native token).

In case a player needs to carry out an operation in the platform, and he doesn't have enough BCUG, he can click on "Buy BCUG" to get more.


  • Tournaments

The next feature in the game is the "Tournament". It's symbol is a helmet. Tournaments are similar to adventures, but involves several participants (or pets). Just like adventures there are no actually game play.

Before a players pet gets to compete in a tournament it must meet certain requirement for instance, the pet much have enough game time. For each level of the tournament, the pet that win gets to win rewards.


  • MarketPlace

The marketplace is where game players get to trade their cuties. Players who have cuties that they have already breed bring it to the marketplace to sell them. New and old players who are interested in a buying a cutie, with certain unique abilities can go check out the marketplace and buy whichever cutie they desire.

The cuties found in the marketplace are of various prices. Those will very special or desirable abilities or traits are sold for more money than those who are of less ability.


Any player who wishes to buy a cutie or pet from the market place can buy it using any of the five cryptocurrencies supported by Blockchain cutie universe (Ethereum, Matic, Neo, Tron and Eos). But before that, the player will be required to connect his wallet to his blockchain cutie gaming account.

  • Rare Sale

The next feature of the game is the "Rare sale". Its symbol is a star. This section of the platform is where a player can find pets with special battle abilities. The pets advertised here are very rare, therefore more costly than the regular pets found in the market place. Some of the pets were gotten by the top-performing players in the game as a gift from the developers, why some of them are rare pets the player bought from another player.

An example is the "Pale Horseman" and it is currently sold for 1137.00BCUG, as shown in the picture below.

Pale Horseman

  • Leaderboard

The next feature of the game is the Leaderboard. Just as its name implies, this section of the platform is where you will find the list of the top-performing players like top gen 0 onwers, top collectors etc.

The score board shows the rank, the user and the point of the player. Currently, "Spigfun Royal Guard" is the top on the list with 15941points.


  • Achievement

It is in this section that the player can see his achievements. He will also so other achievements he will obtain the more he plays the game. In total, there are 124 achievements to be obtained.




Although blockchain cuties universe is an amazing game it is lacking in some areas. Below are it's good and bad sides.


1.Rewards and Tokens:

The player gets to earn token or pets rewards as he plays. These tokens are unique as the are created using the non-fungible token technology (NFT). The player can decide to sell his pets for money any time he wants to.

Every blockchain-based game allows game players to earn token rewards through active trading of game characters because of their unmeasured peculiarity ensured using the non-fungible token technology (NFT).

2.Blockchain cuties Universe is a multi-blockchain game:

The fact that it supports five popular blockchains gives the player flexible options, and saves him the stress and cost of converting his cryptocurrency to a certain cryptocurrency (as in the case of those blockchain games that only support one blockchain).

3.Staking and Providing Liquidity:

The user is given an opportunity to invest his token on the platform either by providing liquidity or by staking. This way, he gets to earn passive income.

4.The game is User-friendly:

The gaming platform of Blockchain Cutie Universe is highly user friendly. Each time a player click an option, a page containing instructions on how he can explore that section pops up.



1.The player doesn't actually play the game. This is the major limitation of the game. The player doesn't actually go on adventure, neither can he watch his pet during the period of the adventure. The whole adventure ends as quick as it starts.

2.Winning or losing is dependent on the abilities of the pets used and not on the smartness of the player.

3.You don't get to see the opponents pet before the adventure. you only get to know after the adventure has been completed.

4.The Cooldown period of a pet keep increasing. The more adventure it has gone, the longer its cooldown period takes.

5.You must invest in the platform before you can acquire pets with good abilities.



If am to rate Blockchain Cutie Universe, I will rate it 3/5.

My Reason Is This:

Although the game gives its players the opportunity to earn rewards and collectibles as they play (which is very nice), the game is not that engaging. The player doesn't get to feel the same excitement he feels when he plays adventure games like Grand Theft auto or PUBG.



The idea of Blockchain-based gaming platforms is one of the best innovations of our time. Although the idea is still on its begining stage, it's future is definitely promising.

Blockchain Cutie Universe is an amazing game which supports five blockchains. The game still has flaws but that's because the game is still on its developing stage, and some of its features like the Wars of Cutieland hasn't been activated. I believe in the nearest future, more features which will make the gaming experience more practical will be added to it.

Thank you professor @yohan2on for this amazing lesson.

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