Steemit Crypto Academy | Homework Summary - for week 3 by Professor @yohan2on – Comparing and Contrasting between Decentralized applications and centralized applications.

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It’s been yet another great week of learning and exploring new things in the Crypto world. Thanks so much to all those that attended my 3rd Crypto lecture and for labouring to do the homework task. I enjoyed reading through plenty of your posts and I made sure that I left feedback on every one of them.

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This time around, the number of participants was overwhelming implying that the steemit crypto academy is not only adding great value to the steem ecosystem but also to its users. I received a total list of 96 homework posts and I read through almost all of them. If I missed your homework post, kindly drop a comment on this homework summary article and I will get to it as soon as possible.

There were plenty of excellent articles from the various brilliant crypto students who presented excellent work and out of them I have chosen 3 who produced outstanding work.

He opted for the social media category where he Compared and contrasted between Steemit and Twitter

He opted for the Exchanges category where he compared and contrasted between Binance and Binance DEX

He opted for the games category where he compared and contrasted between EOS racing and Need for Speed

Guidelines and important things to take note of:

The steemit team only supports steemitexclusive posts. Therefore, strictly avoid cross-posting your homework post content to other similar chains.

Improve the quality of your content by using the Grammarly web tool. This tool helps to automatically detect any grammatical errors in your content and suggests for you the correct English words and phrases.
Always proofread your homework before posting it on steemit. This will help you identify any mistakes, correct them so that you post a good quality post.

Safeguard your reputation as a blogger by using a plagiarism detector “Small tools”to ensure that your article is original and free from any sort of plagiarism.

The 300 minimum required words exclude the thank you texts to the crypto professor, the steemit team and any borrowed content in your article. I consider only your original words used in answering the homework task.
Be as creative and as detailed as possible. This will surely attract some good rewards for you. Therefore, don’t just be limited by the 300 minimum word count.

I suggest that you try making some original graphics for your content. You can use PowerPoint,, photoshop, illustrator etc. The other option is to use copy-right free images and showcase their source.
Keep your content focused on the subject of the homework task.

Here is why spinning articles is a bad content habit

This week, I have once again caught some steemians with spun articles. They do this in an attempt to avoid being caught as plagiarists. When you spin someone else’s article using any paraphrasing web site, the content gets distorted/diluted. In other words, it loses meaning. You should know that every topic has its own technical/keywords. Keywords do not change. Spinning an article changes those keywords by replacing them with any other usual descriptive English words and once that happens, the article loses meaning.

This was my comment that I left on one of my crypto students

After reading through your article, I have realized that your article was just spun. How can "platform" be changed to "stage" and so many other words. I am sorry to say, your article has lost meaning because of using paraphrasing web tools that spin articles.
Spinning other people's content is highly prohibited on Steemit.

Dear Steemians, kindly refrain from such a bad content habit of spinning other users’ articles. Steemit is a professional blogging site. Utilize the steemit platform efficiently; build your reputation by always working towards improving your writing skills as you look forward to becoming that professional blogger. Just challenge yourself every day, seek to learn, be creative and original in your blogs. Good rewards will then come your way.

Here are some reminders for the week-4 homework task on DeFi

  • Post your homework task post in the Steemit Crypto Academy community
  • Use an exclusive tag #yohan2on-week4 and also tag me @yohan2on so that I can easily find your article.
  • Use copy-right free images and showcase the source.
  • Your post should be a minimum of 300words. Otherwise, be creative and as detailed as possible.
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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300 words is a must??? Being a newcomer, it's always tough for me to write more than 300 words at first!!!


Hi @boss75,

Yes, it's a must to write up to 300words because it's the rule for the homework tasks. I know it can be tough for new steem users. You just keep learning and improving your writing skills with time.

Thanks for reaching out.


Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.

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Give me your opinion and advice 😊❤

I really liked this week's homework, thanks for teaching us teacher!!!

Exelente. semana Aprendí mucho , usaba aplicaciones DeFi y nisiquiera sabía que se llamaban asi