My first post @SteemitCryptoAcademy BTC, LTC, BAT, ETH, TRX analysis.

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Best regards to this amazing cryptocurrency community, where I really appreciate every detail and technical analysis that you provide in each of posts.

The reason for my publication is to share a simple technical analysis, where you can see how #Bitcoin and other currencies create an derivative of it, making a quite remarkable and similar market movement of this powerful currency.

Next I am going to present a simple screenshot of each currency that I consider to be a derivative of Bitcoin and I where really would like to know the opinion of a professional expert on the subject to help me understand such market movements in a similar way in each of these pairs of currencies: BTC, LTC, BAT, ETH, TRX / USD

#Bitcoin One day chart


#Litecoin One day chart


#BasicAtettionToken One day chart


#Ethereum One day chart


#Tron One day chart



I really have a lot to think about if the market and each of these similar movements in these currency pairs are false.

I consider that Bitcoin plays a clear position within the market but the rest of the currencies do not have their own personality. It is remarkable how each of these currencies have the same address.

I am currently in a negative position within the market for trusting these Bitcoin derived currencies.

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