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Before you accept any relationship or marital commitment, do not forget you are making an everlasting covenant with that person. And after this level, it is going to be a cord no man can split.

First step to look out in a relationship, the two of you will have to be friends before involving in any relationship.

When you first met each other, you were both attracted to each other, but that does not mean you have seen your right pair or choice to go along with in a relationship. Knowing your choice or partner, is not just the first attraction, you have to settle your mind and be careful to be sure you do not regret the choice you make later. Some peraons may find it easier to get out of their wrong choices, yours might not be so easy.

After making your choice of relationship, do not stop there. Get into real interaction. In other to know if the person is worth moving ahead with in life. Check if you are been impressed at the way the person speaks or looks. With this, you know you have the right to know either to continue or to withdraw from the relationship.

Come up with some vital issues to see if that person can match it spiritually, mentally and emotionally. When on date, do not be in haste, allow the person some good quality time to talk and study the person use of word and the way he places them. Do not impose on the other during making a right choice for relationship, may likely continue after marriage. You do not get married to change a person's life style, the way he does things. Too much of demands may sow wrong seed in the heart of the other person.

In making a choice of relationship with a person, some argument are bound to come, do not because of this to say that the choice you made is a wrong choice. As a matter of fact, be grateful to God that your partner is open minded. Because a relationship that is over six month to a year without misunderstanding, know it that one of you if not two of you is covering some issues, so be eager to know.

Avoid un planned outings that clashes with your schedule. Do not order the most expensive item in a shop when too of you go shopping. Avoid checking your partners test messages, because you might come in contact with what would terminate your date. Do not over react when you see your partner with an opposite sex. And it is not everything your partner does that you should get worried about. Relax and watch your love grow. Don't buy him/her an expensive gift with that aim of buying his/her love.

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