Lord this is the cry of my heart.


Do I need to be upright in a society
where truth is a sin and falsehood is celebrated?
Do I need to be upright in a society
where humanity is measured by the level or class that you belong?
Does it matter if I keep purity
when the society mocks at it again friends and loved ones see me to be wired?
Would there be need to maintain my stand even when it seems like I'm the only one standing?
Who will save me when those who dare to tell
the government about their failures and age long deceit of the citizenry are no more safe?
When did ignorance begin to intimidate knowledge
when knowledge I have been made to believe over the years is power?
Where are the martyrs and advocates of truth, justice and equity other than the tomb lane?
Why has the brave been broken and their lives cut brief
while cowards are now roaming the streets untouched till they die at good fool age?
O Lord thousands of thousands and one questions run through my heart seeking answers.
Just wish you would tell my heart not to fear that you have my matter under control.
My heart bleeds with pains that need expressions

The tears of the innocent abound

Come Lord to my plight and take over this fight.

I am @blessdan


I am the whisper of a thousand sorrows

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