Avoid the crisis in your marriage ... (20% for @HeartChurch)

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Don't let your marriage go into crisis, look for the many ways to improve it. I have been through many storms in my marriage and the important thing is to recognize that everything with God's help can be solved.

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If the marriage is in crisis, the ideal is to review the communication channels in the couple. Poor communication can produce many emotional wounds that can take a long time to heal. A marriage in which effective communication flows will allow you to overcome differences or disagreements in the marriage.

Marriages that are going through crisis require a lot of help from God and above all to follow the advice of his word. Marriage must maintain a sound mind and have the power of God's promises. The love of a couple must flow as God intended: husbands love their wives!
It is important to review the feelings. The husband must be attracted to his wife and the wife must be attracted to her husband. The crisis in marriage begins when love is allowed to fade.

You have to save as long as possible the details of the conquest when you were a boyfriend. Don't let the marriage get boring or routine. They must be creative husbands and attractive wives to keep the flow of attraction in their marriage.

The details are interesting. An outing to a specific place or a meal different from the routine, will help to overcome some uncomfortable situations in the marriage.

Many marriages go into crisis because of the "Submission" mandate. There are wives who yell at the husband and treat him as if he does not represent something to her. The problem of "submission" can bring violence in the marriage. The wife should know that it is a command from God to submit to her husband. This is very pleasing to God and can help improve your relationship.

Another important aspect for you to improve your marriage in the face of a crisis is to verify if God's love is really in your heart. God's love is kind and will never hurt anyone. If God's love is in you, then you can love your husband and forgive any details of the offense he has committed. Let God's love flow into your marriage and it will save you from any crisis.

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