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Jesus said to him: If you can believe, everything is possible for the one who believes. Mark 9:23

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Faith moves mountains and allows us to achieve the unattainable. Your dreams have limits if you allow them. The Lord spoke very clearly to the disciples: "If you can believe, everything is possible for the one who believes."

Don't put a ceiling on your dreams, or limit your abilities to achieve success in your life.

One day I decided to be a teacher and although great setbacks came, I trusted that God gave me the victory and I achieved my dream of being a teacher. Do not limit what you have dreamed of achieving in life, God gives us enough confidence so that we believe him and have what in our hearts we long for in life.

Peter got ready to walk on the water, because he trusted Jesus when he said to him: Come, Peter!
If you look away from Jesus, you can never accomplish what seems impossible. Peter, after he managed to miraculously walk on the water, took his eyes off Jesus and sank into the water.

If you believe in God and you are succeeding in what you have asked, why do you have to take away the faith of the one who is blessing you?

Do not keep making mistakes because of the doubts and mistrust that arise in your life. You just have to believe and you will see great things that you have never seen before.

When the people of Israel were facing the Red Sea and Pharaoh's army pursued them to death, Moses' faith shone until he saw the impossible, God miraculously opened the Red Sea and showed his salvation for the people of Israel.

If there is only one who believes in a crowd, then God will work for the one who believes him and will show his glory and power to those who believe.

Dare to believe and God will show you that nothing is impossible for Him.

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